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Favorite Mecha Ranger or Ally? 

7 deviants said Shinji
2 deviants said Simon and/or Kamina
2 deviants said Roger
2 deviants said Heero
1 deviant said Van
No deviants said Bit
No deviants said Other -explain in the comments
No deviants said Coop
No deviants said Naota
No deviants said Kaiba

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Shinji's After-Practice Relief by Thaeonblade
Shinji's After-Practice Relief
"Long day at practice?"

"Yeah...Kamina's brutal!" The exhausted Shinji managed and was too tired from martial arts training to keep Hikari and Orihime from supporting his weight. "Thanks guys."

"No prob Shinji-kun!" The girls said at the same time with Shinji blushing on realizing that they'd gone straight from the beach without changing out of their "Dead or Alive" themed swimwear.

Commission by JoolieJoon:

Death Battle Listing

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 6, 2015, 12:49 AM

Just putting this out here for future Reference on Death Battle Plans after the Kurgan vs Witch-King is complete. (FYI, the actual fight is coming soon)

I know what fight is immediately following Kurgan vs Witch-King (you'll find out then), but I've got no idea about what to tackle next after that fight or what the general order should be. Here are several ideas and I've already done some research on a few of them:

Extremis Iron Man (Marvel) vs Gravity Suit Samus (Metroid)

Tenten (Naruto) vs Edgemaster (Soul Calibur)

Robocop (Original) vs Motoko (Ghost in the Shell)

Asuka (Evangelion) vs Kallen (Code Geass)

Qubeley (Gundam Z/ZZ) vs Epyon (Gundam Wing)

Devil Dinosaur (Marvel) vs Sharptooth (Land Before Time) (Poster made by Tito-Mosquito:

Nami (One Piece) vs Sakura (Naruto)

Wing Zero vs Burning God

Lea (Kingdom Hearts) vs Sabo (One Piece)

Roxas (Kingdom Hearts) vs Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia)

Which of these fights do you think should go next? Vote in the comments selection below and let me know.

And lastly here's the one that I know is going last:

Go nuts.

Death Battle Templates by Death-Driver-5000: death-driver-5000.deviantart.c…

Edit: Lovemachine vs Smith was already taken by tohokari-steel:

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Gundam belongs to Bandai, so don't sue me for writing a one-shot fanfic. Clear? Good.

"Kou!" Nina greeted happily with a warm smile. Her hair pulled into a ponytail that rested on her shoulder.

"Purpleton." Kou Uraki did not share the woman's feelings. On the outside he seemed confused, but both Mora and Chuck Keith could see something in his eyes. "What...what are you doing here?"

"I came to see you." Nina replied and leapt out of Mora's jeap. She waved to Keith's impressive Gelgoog Marine and grabbed Kou's hand. "I missed you...I was afraid for you..."

"Really?" He led her away, nodding to Mora with a warm small smile while the big woman drove off towards the Gelgoog. As Oakley Base was currently on vacation hours, there were more than enough places for Kou and Nina to be alone.

It wouldn't last long.

"This base seems nice."

"The food's alright."

"Are you eating your carrots?" She's actually trying to joke with him?

"Yeah...why not? Food is food." Kou took a look out over the flat Kansas landscape, "Do you know where we are Nina?"

"We' the American States-" Without warning, his fist slammed into her stomach. The wind was knocked out of Nina's breath and she stumbled backwards, gripping her belly from Kou's strike.

"Lieutenant Burning, Raban Karcs, Dick Allen, Lucette Audevie..." His bangs hid his eyes, but Nina could hear the fury in Kou's voice, "They all died to help us stop us stop us stop Gato..."

"Kou-" This time, Kou slapped Nina across her face hard enough to bring her to her knees.

"THEY DIED FOR NOTHING!" Kou shouted to the woman before him, "Millions are dead...Just as many are missing and probably dead too...2/3rds of the Federation fleet is gone...North America is in's gonna be scarce for months...Captain Synapse is dead...Monsha...Bate...Adel...everyone else on the Albion...they were conscripted into the Titans..."

"Don't beat yourself up over it-"

"One more word and I'll hit you again." Kou threatened, his fist already tightened from the rage inside of him, "People are dead...because I failed them. We failed them."

"I'm sorry Kou-"

"SAY IT TO THE PEOPLE WHO DIED!" Nina went silent again as Kou began to sob, "I'm know? I know that my failure's worst...the lieutenant trusted me and I failed. But I can't help being angry...angry that after everything that he choose Gato..."

"That's not true-"

"You helped Gato...I was about to stop him..."


"You protected him..."


"YOU LOVED HIM OVER ME!" The truth was out at last. The deep root of why Kou now turned away from Nina, "People are dead because of your choice. I failed because of you. Yet I'm so pathetic that what hurts me that you choose him over me. No wonder they call me a failure...they're right..."

"Kou...please..." She dared to plead to his back, "I missed up...I made a mistake-"

"An apology won't bring back the dead. Or heal the scares on my soul or in my heart. It won't heal the disgrace of failure that I'll breath for the rest of my life. It won't undo the betrayal I your hands." Kou stated coldly, his face hardened even as tears streamed down his face, "You made your choice. Now live with it."

"You mean...this is goodbye?"

"What did you expect? What did you honestly expect me to do?" Kou asked, still not able to look at Nina, "Forget about the my arms...kiss you and say that I forgive you? Did you really think that it would be that easy?"

Nina had nothing to say.

"I hope your choice weighs on you as much as my failure weighs on me." He took a few slow steps forward away from Nina, "Goodbye Miss Purpleton."

"Don't do this-" Without another word, Kou had already taken off running. Deliberate or not, Nina felt dust get kicked into her face when the disgraced lieutenant started his run. Tears fogged her vision as she watched him go.

Wherever Kou's life went from here, she would not be apart of it.


Official Records have little to say regarding Lieutenant Kou Uraki.

Some reported that he played an unsung part in the AEUG-Titans conflict. Specifically as a lone Gelgoog Marine pilot as an escort for Karaba and AEUG supply runs. Said Gelgoog Marine is reported to have downed several aces and captured many more for interrogation including members of the "Immortal 4th MS Team" and former servicemen and women of the Albion. Said members defected to AEUG under "light" coercion and allegedly joined the Gelgoog Marine to form a squad known as the "Immortal Burning Brigade". After the end of the Titans conflict, the brigade disbanded with the Gelgoog marine ace disappearing from public knowledge.

He may have played a part in the Neo-Zeon conflict, but his role would have been minor with few witnesses to verify his involvement. What can be confirmed was that a mercenary by the code name of "Stardust Burn" was hired by Londo Bell and performed admirably against Char's forces. Even saving the life of officer Chan Agi and was eventually awarded the Medal of Valor before he left active service in UC 97.

Londo Bell officers who served with "Stardust Burn" suspected that the mercenary was actually Kou Uraki. But Captain Bright Noah refused for any investigation to take place. Largely on the grounds that he didn't care who "Stardust Burn" was and only for the great work that he did.

What is known is that Uraki was spotted alongside Chan Agi in UC 98 playing with a young boy who was later confirmed as their first child. After this, nothing else is rumored or confirmed about Kou Uraki, termed by official history as "The Stardust Failure".

There is much to be confirmed on Nina Purpleton, however.

Co-workers confirmed that she had returned to her work with Anaheim Electronics, but became increasingly depressed after the Stardust Incident. By the Second Neo Zeon War, Nina had become bedridden in her father's home who described her as having "lost her will to live".

Perhaps it was lingering guilt from her time with "The Stardust Failure";

Perhaps it was regret for choosing to aid Anavel Gato over Kou Uraki;

Or maybe she felt increasing despair that the gundams that she designed and built were fielded on both sides of many wars in the later Universal Century.

Whatever the reason, Nina traveled to the Torrington Base in UC 93 in an apparent state of full health. The morning after her arrival, her body was found in the hanger bay between the two docks where Gundams GP-01 and GP-02 were were previously stored. Nina had suffered a fatal gunshot to her skull that had rendered her paralyzed for 15 minutes until her death.

The cause of death is currently indecisive between suicide or homicide.

Gundam 0083: Stardust Closure
Stardust Memory was awesome, but it's ending lacked a certain punch.

So I gave it one.

Which retcons one or two deaths in Char's Counterattack.

Nina also faces some sort of repercussion for her inexcusable betrayal. A betrayal that cost millions of lives. A betrayal that enforces the stereotype that women will always side with their jerkass ex-boyfriend over the "good guy".

Also, note that I don't endorse domestic abuse or hitting women. But Nina just deserves a punch/slap so badly that if this counts as abuse then I'll consider this an exception to the rule in light of the context.

Because we all have occasional bouts of lust for bloodshed and murder, I think that we oughta have a long-term tournament to appease this appetite as well as the appetites of other violence lovers out there.

These duels shall pit the most evil, cruel and vile villains in the fictional universes from films, tv shows, anime, cartoons and video games into a one on one battle where there can only be one victor! The combatants will have access to all of their standard and native abilities and any weapon that they can bring with them into the arena. The battle will be concluded one one combatant is rendered unable to continue, forfeits or dies. There is no time limit and the arena is an endless dimension with random environments.

Neither living nor dead, these two adversaries have struck fear into the hearts of mortal men for countless thousands of years. Both have slaughtered countless people and destroyed entire kingdoms in their wake and are neigh indestructible to conventional or even most magical means.

But only one can emerge victorious in today's Darkest Duel:

The Kurgan


The Witch-King of Angmar

I'm Thaeonblade and with me is today's co-host thetruth40. Join us as we analyze the weapons, armors and skills of these dreaded villains to find out who will win this round's Darkest Duel.

You mean Death Battle?

Darkest Duel sounds more original.

Not really...

I refuse to adapt!


Preface: The Combatants


The Witch King of Angmar

Born: Late Mid-Part of the Second Age?/As a Nazgul, in between the years 1500 and 2251 of the Second Age

Age: Around 4000 years old

Species: Ringwraith/Formerly Numenorian

Sex: Male

Weight: Irrelevant

Height: 7 feet/2.13 meters

Affiliations: Sauron, Ringwraiths, Angmar (formerly/defunct), Forces of Darkness (Through their joint loyalty to Sauron)



Originally a King of Men who was corrupted into a Wraith (Implied to have originally been one of 3 Numenorians)
Leader of the Ringwraiths
Deadliest Servant of Sauron
Keen Manipulator of Minds and Hearts

When the Rings of Power were forged, 9 rings were given unto 9 kings of men who above all else desire power. Blinded by their own greed and lust for immortality, the kings used the rings without question and one by one, fell under the power of the Dark Lord Sauron. They became known as walking shadows of terror, the Nazgul. Ringwraiths that were neither living nor dead.

And amongst these 9 was Sauron's deadliest servant. The one who leads Mordor's armies in war.

The Witch-King of Angmar.

Even thousands of years after his master's defeat at the hands of the Last Alliance, the Lord of the Nazgul remained ever vigil to obey his master's call. A thousand years before the events of Lord of the Rings, the Witch-King gathered an army of dark numenorians, wildmen, orcs, trolls, wraiths and other fell beings to his banner and destroyed the North Kingdom of Arnor.

Through direct or indirect guidance, the Witch-King turned Arnor's sons against one another, gaining lordship of Rhudaur after the line of Isildur failed there. He is a master of fear and can see through the hearts of mortals to tear at them where they are weakest. A feat that he used years later to conquer Minas Ithil and corrupt it into Minas Morgul and challenging the Last King of Gondor to ride to his death.

A thousand years later, the Witch-King conquered all of eastern Osgiliath and forced it's defenders to blow up the bridge leading into the western bank. He then rode north on his master's orders to track down and capture a hobbit named Baggins. This led to a fateful encounter on the ancient ruin of Weathertop where the Witch-King struck down his target, Frodo Baggins.

But he was scared away by fire and water.

Actually, only the other nazgul were driven away by Elrond's water spell as only eight horses were found, implying that the Witch-King was not as damaged as the others. However, he was driven away by fire on Weathertop.

Odd considering that he is later seen enchanting his sword with fire...

He returned during the battle of Minas Tirith and personally led the assault upon the city. There much evil was committed before he met his end upon the blade of a valiant shieldmaiden named Eowyn. Proving once and for all that women are just as awesome with swords as men without metal bikinis.

Not that I hate them or anything...


I can like sexy things without being sexist.

Skills and Abilities:

Expert Swordsman (two-handed or dual-wielding)
Master of Dark Sorcery
-Enchant weapon
-Break weapon
-Manipulation of darkness, fire and ice
-Short-range teleportation
-Presence weakens enemy armor and strength
-Slain foes become wraiths if struck by Morgul Blade or Morgul Corruption
Aura/Scream of Fear
More Powerful at Night or in Darkness
Master of Stealth

As a Nazgûl, the Witch King had a wide arsenal of powers. He possessed the Black Death where any weapon that touched the Witch-King would be destroyed and it's bearer poisoned with a curse of despair that could prove lethal.

He also wielded multiple weapons. He used a great longsword through which he could channel a dark power which shatters whatever the Witch-King seeks to destroy. The morgul blade which would cripple it's victim and if untreated, turn them into a wraith once their life force faded away. He also used a chained flail and great mace to break through the shield and armor of his opponents. He was even strong enough use both large weapons with just one hand.

He was also strongly proficient in dark magic. Such as when he enhanced "Grond"'s striking force to break the gate of Minas Tirith. The constant aura of fear and dread that his very presence would exhibit. Channeling dark powers of destruction, ice and death through his weapons. Or being capable of shattering weapons with, but a small movement of his hand as seen with Frodo's first sword on Weathertop. His power is also much more potent at nighttime.

His power is great enough to even match Gandalf the White in a contest of arms, power and will though their contest was interrupted by the coming of Rohan. In the book, the fight ended in a standstill while Gandalf was knocked flat on his ass in the movies.

Of course he would! Gandalf can't kill that which cannot be killed by living men.

Actually that statement has been misinterpreted quite often even by the Witch-King himself. It was actually a prophecy spoken by Glorfindel that said the Witch-King wouldn't die by the hand of a living man. It doesn't necessarily mean that he can't be killed by a man.

But given that his very presence drives all but the most brave or stupid running to their mothers, I don't expect anyone to be in a hurry to test that theory.

They may not have a choice. As a nazgul, the Witch-King is also a master of stealth and can move without making a single noise. In addition as displayed during his encounter with the White Council-

You mean ass-whooping?

Yeah, that's an accurate description as well. The Witch-King did display limited degrees of levitation and short range teleportation.


Vulnerable to Fire and Light
Certain Magic weapons can harm him
Vulnerable to sneak attacks
Relatively weak armor
Overconfident in supposed invulnerability
Has a bad habit of underestimating his opponents
Beaten by Radagast, Elrond, Saruman, Aragorn, and Eowyn (with Merry's help)

As noted before, the Witch-King is strongest in darkness/night time. Sufficient amounts of daylight or holy energy can weaken and force the nazgul to retreat.

His power is not absolute, dependent upon the fear of men and the strength of his master.

He is also vulnerable to weapons specifically enchanted to harm wights as shown with when Merry's short sword harmed and paralyzed him.

Accomplishments and Kill Count:

Conquered Arnor
Drove away the Prince of Gondor
Ended the line of Gondorian Kings
Conquered Minas Ithil and made it into his capital
Conquered Eastern Osgiliath and later the west bank as well
Broke the nigh impenetrable gate of Gondor with Grond
Matched Gandalf the White during the Siege of Gondor
Killed Theoden during the battle for Pelennor
Nearly defeated Eowyn until Merry backstabbed him

During the Second Age, the Witch-King was used by Sauron to assault the fortresses of Numenor alongside the other Nazgul. The Witch-King also single-handedly orchestrated the Conquest of Arnor, the conquest of Minas Ithil and broke the line of kings in Gondor by taking advantage of King Earnur's stupidity.

He also matched Gandalf the White on Pelennor, Conquered Osgilliath, and slew Theoden, king of Rohan. A fell day indeed.

"King of Angmar long ago, Sorcerer, Ringwraith, Lord of the Nazgûl, a spear of terror in the hand of Sauron, shadow of despair."


The Kurgen

Born: 1000's? BC

Age: 2893 years old

Species: Immortal

Sex: Male

Weight: Heavy

Height: Tall

Affiliations: Himself



Had a bad father whom he killed after the later killed him.
Had a teacher whom he later killed
Did I mention that he likes killing things?
More intelligent, cunning and adaptive than he appears
Enjoys murder, violence, murder and danger
Has no qualms with committing rape, theft, murder or reckless endangerment

Born as Vitor, the Kurgan grew up in a land close to the Caspian Sea. As a child, he was separated from his family by a flood and taken in by the Kurgan people. The couple who raised him happened to include an abusive father. Said father tossed Vitor into a pit with a starved dog and when Vitor refused to die, he eventually smashed in the later's head with a rock.

But this act only brought forth the savage monster. Vitor's death only awoke his Immortal powers which revived him and he got his revenge by killing his abusive adoptive father with a searing hot tone. Which he shoved in the man's mouth while he was asleep.

At the age of 12, he left home to join bandits and went on to slaughter many caravans between India and the Mediterranean. Eventually he came across another Immortal named the Bedouin who revealed to the Kurgan the ways of the Immortal "Game and trained him in combat. The Kurgan voiced his gratitude by taking his mentor's head and claiming his scimitar as his own. Swell guy.

Thoughout the ages, the Kurgan displayed extreme savagery in almost every way possible. He takes sadistic enjoyment in inflicting misery and cruelty while also relishing in his immortality. He has a great passion for both life and death and constantly got off on inciting fear and panic and deliberately putting innocent people in harm's way. While he also respected the rules of not fighting on Holy Ground, he is not above desecration or taunting priests and nuns.

Did I also mention that he raped a woman and then taunted her husband about it many years later? Then daring to imply that she liked it? This guy is pretty fucked up. How about that time when the Kurgan tricked an immortal into getting disarmed by using two gypsy women to seduce him. Then the Kurgan murdered the weaponless immortal and had a threesome with the gypsy women near the immortal's headless corpse.


Skills and Abilities:

Trained by the Bedouin
Ferocious Brutal Offensive Style
Strong enough to destroy a stone-wall with basic strength
Master Swordsman
Capable of enhancing blows with "Quickened Energy"
Inherited Bedouin's Future Sight
Centuries/Millennia worth of combat experience
Unkillable unless decapitated
Immune to disease or non-decapitating fatal strikes
Never Age and does not need air
Expert Tracker
Gets stronger when angrier

The Kurgan fought his battles with a ferocious emphasis on strength and brute striking power, usually attempting to end the fight before it began with a single surprise attack. He was not above stalking his opponents methodically until he was ready to kill them. Then he would attack without even so much as a challenge.

He's a selective berserker that way. He used a special two-handed broadsword, which he eventually supplemented with a detailed replica that could be disassembled and packed away as needed. Though again, why would he bother? As bloodthirsty as this guy is, you'd think that he wouldn't care about getting caught!

After reassembling his sword in New York, he performed impressive flourishes with the sword as well as methodical slashes and strikes. This would imply that while the Kurgan was capable of much more skillful and graceful fighting, he intentionally chose a brute strength approach. He likely did it to draw amusement from the brutality and the fear and anguish of his victims.

He is a master swordsman who has killed numerous immortals. Each immortal slain has increased his power through an occurrence known as the Quickening where an Immortal absorbs the abilities, power, knowledge and skills of another Immortal that they have killed.

Interestingly, this phenomena can also occur for a non-immortal that kills an immortal, but this is a rare occurrence.

Does that mean...I can get Immortal powers if I kill an Immortal? In that case, do grenades to the head count as decapitations?

It does remove the head and destroy the brain-


As an Immortal, the Kurgan cannot be killed unless he loses his head. Which means that he is immune to anything else that would kill him such as disease, fatal slashes or stabs not aimed at the head, poison, magic, and even drowning. Immortals literally do not need air to live.

The Immortal remains in the same age and body statue that they were originally in when they experienced their "first death". Which means that they don't age and their skill never weakens due to the passage of time. In addition, the Kurgan can enhance his already powerful blows with the energy of "The Quickening".

Considering that the Kurgan is already powerful enough to destroy a stone-laden wall...those charged-blades sound like overkill.


He also inherited his master's gift of foresight, enabling him to see visions of the future. But he either seldom used this ability or didn't care about it all.

Gee...I wonder where being able to see into the future would seeing when that scottish guy that he bullied and killed would grow up to kill him?

Maybe the Kurgan enjoyed killing things too much to care?

Sure, we'll go with that.


Overly aggressive style makes him vulnerable to faster, more precise swordsmen (Ramirez and McCloud)
Permanently scarred across the neck by a close call from Ramirez
Very reckless and unreserved in battle
Only carries two weapons
Killed by Connor McCloud

Despite being capable of finesse styles, the Kurgan prefers brutal offensives which he performs with reckless abandon. Leaving him vulnerable to more precise and quick wielders such as Ramirez and Connor McCloud.

Though immortal unless decapitated, this does not make him immune to injury, pain or being crippled. If an immortal loses a limb, then that limb will remain lost.

Immortals also have no special defense against magic or other supernatural abilities to speak of. They can also be temporarily disabled if they sustain enough lethal non-decapitation damage as their recovery takes time to heal. But more lethal injuries leave lasting scars as seen with the Kurgan himself. Additionally, it takes longer to recover from more threatening wounds than minor ones.

Worst yet, the Kurgan doesn't have any other weapon apart from those two swords.

You'd think that he would've gotten a third or a shorter sword. Hell! I would've gotten a sword and melded a gun into it-


Okay! The gunblade looks stupid, but the basic concept is sound! Lets take a sword and put a gun on the blade so that you can be cool and practical at the same time!


Accomplishments and Kill Count:

Killed all Immortals except for Connor in the original Highlander timeline
Most Notable Kills include:
-The Bedouin, Unknown B.C.
-Ivan Trotski, 1472 A.D.
-The Mongal, 1535 A.D.
-Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez, 1542 A.D. 
-Flavio Parrochi, 1663 A.D.
-Stosch Basalok, 1985 A.D.
-Osta Vazilek, 1985 A.D. 
-Yung Dol Kim, 1985 A.D.
-Sunda Kastagir, 1985 A.D.
Gave Connor his first death
Has fought, murdered and killed many non-immortals through the ages
Fought in the Sack of Rome and the battle of Plateau
Survived falling to the bottom of the ocean
One of 6 last Immortal Survivors during the "Original" Gathering

Despite being too stupid to have more than two weapons, the Kurgan was one of the most powerful Immortals on the planet and killed his opponents like a savage. His list of known kills during "The Game" include his own teacher, a psychic named the Bedouin; another monstrously strong Immortal named The Mongal; The strategic and graceful Ramirez...

Poor Sean Connery...

The dual-wielding Yung Dol Kim...

Though Kim apparently didn't put his all into the fight...

And African broadsword user, Sunda Kastagir.

Wow...and that's just all of the known people that the Kurgen has killed. Not counting innocent bystanders, non-immortal badass warriors, mook soldiers, or the amounts of collateral damage that he's caused.

Does it matter?

No. Not really.

"Tonight you sleep in hell."


Alright! The foes are measured! Lets settle this debate once and for all!

It's time for a Death Battle!


What? Death Battle is easier to remember than Darkest Duel!

(shrugs) Stay tuned for the Darkest Duel folks! A Death Battle that won't soon be forgotten!

I see what you did there-

I can be flexible.
Death Battle: The Kurgen vs The Witch-King Prelude
A long time coming, but it's finally out

As for whether the match is actually called a Death Battle or a Darkest Duel, I put that in as comedy and as an internal debate on whether the Darkest Duel thing should just be absorbed into the Death Battle scene.




Battle: Coming Soon

PS: Thanks for co-hosting thetruth40:

Death Battle Listing

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 6, 2015, 12:49 AM

Just putting this out here for future Reference on Death Battle Plans after the Kurgan vs Witch-King is complete. (FYI, the actual fight is coming soon)

I know what fight is immediately following Kurgan vs Witch-King (you'll find out then), but I've got no idea about what to tackle next after that fight or what the general order should be. Here are several ideas and I've already done some research on a few of them:

Extremis Iron Man (Marvel) vs Gravity Suit Samus (Metroid)

Tenten (Naruto) vs Edgemaster (Soul Calibur)

Robocop (Original) vs Motoko (Ghost in the Shell)

Asuka (Evangelion) vs Kallen (Code Geass)

Qubeley (Gundam Z/ZZ) vs Epyon (Gundam Wing)

Devil Dinosaur (Marvel) vs Sharptooth (Land Before Time) (Poster made by Tito-Mosquito:

Nami (One Piece) vs Sakura (Naruto)

Wing Zero vs Burning God

Lea (Kingdom Hearts) vs Sabo (One Piece)

Roxas (Kingdom Hearts) vs Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia)

Which of these fights do you think should go next? Vote in the comments selection below and let me know.

And lastly here's the one that I know is going last:

Go nuts.

Death Battle Templates by Death-Driver-5000: death-driver-5000.deviantart.c…

Edit: Lovemachine vs Smith was already taken by tohokari-steel:


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