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Mewtwo meditated in a peaceful valley, his eyes were closed, but he could feel the happiness of the pokemon younglings.

The children of the cloned pokemon that Mewtwo guided and protected from the outside world around them. An outside world that would prey upon them as trophies and pets to be fought, bred and bartered. Mewtwo would have his fellow clones live in peace without fear.

Suddenly, he felt a surge of fear and then nothing.

One of his brethren had died.

"Pichu-" Ermac snapped the little mouse's neck and threw it at the feet of a weeping creature known as a Raichu. The Raichu charged lightning in it's cheeks only for the Enforcer of Outworld to telepathically grab the pokemon and slowly crush it's ribs onto it's organs.

"This is the world that Kotal has sent us to conquer?" Ermac released the dead Raichu and unleashed a telepathic push that crushed and pushed away several other native creatures known as "pokemon". Ermac was disappointed. He had expected to find a great power here, but instead found only weak animals.

Then that power appeared.

"So you are the mighty Mewtwo." Ermac stated to the white and purple pokemon that looked upon the wounded, the dying and the dead. "I hope that you can make a greater challenge then these weak pests-" Ermac suddenly felt a great force launch him off of his feet and into a nearby rock formation.

Mewtwo teleported to where he sensed the strange warrior that had slain members of his family. The warrior stood up as though he were unaffected and a green energy appeared upon his arms.

"That was a mistake."

"I should say the same to you, monster." Mewtwo telepathically replied and prepared to defend his home from this strange otherworldly intruder.

"Kotal Kahn claims your valley as the stepping stone to conquering your world. And you...whoever you are, shall be our first victim." Ermac boasted. "You shall be the first defender to fall to our power. For we are many and you are merely one."

"You are welcome to put that to the test. At your own peril." Mewtwo responded and gathered his own psychic power...


Ermac opened the battle with a Hado that zigzagged towards Mewtwo. Mewtwo deflected the attack with his barrier and responded with a Shadow Ball that struck the Outworld shinobi in the chest. Ermac was thrown back by the attack and broke two trees before skidding along the ground. Mewtwo teleported next to him and unleashed a psychic wave that struck across Ermac's shoulder.

Growling in pain, Ermac unleashed a telekinetic tornado that pushed back Mewtwo and left him vulnerable to a flurry of blows from Ermac. Utilizing the Hua Chan and Cho Lay Fut styles were second nature for Ermac and his last punch knocked the psychic pokemon to his knee. But to Ermac's shock, the psychic pokemon didn't appear to be harmed by the blows and spat out blood before glaring at Ermac. Ermac suddenly felt something in his mind and realized that he was being telepathically assaulted. As a fusion of many souls, Ermac was able to ward off the telepathic intrusion, but too late he realized that this was a distraction for Mewtwo's Psycho Cut.

The large cut on Ermac's chest indicated a critical hit, but the enemy wasn't fazed by the vital injury. Mewtwo used his psychic power to stop another punch from connecting with his face, but found that Ermac was resisting Mewtwo's power with his own power. Mewtwo guessed that he could overpower Ermac's defenses, but Ermac vanished from his sight and too late, Mewtwo realized that Ermac was behind him. Off guard, Mewtwo was telekinetically thrown into a nearby stone and felt his bones shatter upon impact.

Mewtwo rose up and fired a psychic wave only for Ermac to vanish. Mewtwo then felt an elbow strike the top of his spine and fracture his shoulder plates. Though this being was a psychic fighter, he knew how to improvise his attacks for sneak assaults...Dark-type manuevers what Mewtwo could not resist as well as Ermac's other attacks. Before Ermac could build on his momentum, Mewtwo teleported to the top of a cliff and used this brief respite to recover his wounds.

"Coward! Come out and face us!" Ermac shouted within the valley and saw where Mewtwo had retreated. Ermac teleported to the cliff and appeared above Mewtwo to drop strike him. But the pokemon was ready for the attack and created a barrier which blocked Ermac's attack and knocked Ermac upwards with the force of his own attack. Mewtwo teleported next to the flying Ermac and telekinetically grabbed him before throwing him down through the cliff. Ermac screamed in pain as rocks and debris strike his body and then collapsed on his fallen form.

Moments later, Ermac kicked out a piece of debris and emerged from the rock pile in shambles. Mewtwo slowly levitated down to the warrior with his eyes glowing purple with rage and power. Ermac growled and telekinetically threw several rocks at Mewtwo, but the rocks were grabbed and thrown right back at the Outworld enforcer. Enraged, Ermac teleported above Mewtwo and unleashed a powerful Telekinetic tornado to throw back Mewtwo and then fired a powerful Telepush at Mewtwo which he deflected with his barrier. But the following Focus Airblast landed a direct hit on Mewtwo and threw him down into the valley as Ermac teleported to his location.

"I know foresee your doom." Mewtwo stopped his fall and saw Ermac attempt to drop kick him. Mewtwo stopped the foe in midair and fired a Shadow Ball which struck Ermac's head and threw him down to the Valley floor. Mewtwo rapidly flew down to Ermac and struck him down with a Barrier charge that caused the warrior to get thrown further along the ground. Mewtwo then unleashed several bursts of psychic energy which Ermac deflected with his own psychic power. Giving Mewtwo time to recover from his injuries once more while Ermac appeared to be limping.

"You do not seem to understand your stupidity, human...demon...whatever you are." Mewtwo spoke to his foe's mind. "The gulf between us is vast indeed, but you do not seem to grasp this. Let me grant you a demonstration so that you understand the wide gulf in power between us." With that, Mewtwo brought out a Mega Stone and pressed it upon himself and was covered in a great white glow...

Ermac watched his foe take out a stone and start to glow. When the glow abated, Mewtwo appeared to be different...there was a tail coming out of the back of his head and he seemed to have become smaller.

Suddenly, Ermac realized that he was in the air. Because Mewtwo Y had flown too fast for him to see and was now launching him into the sky. Ermac was then thrown back down to earth and felt half of the bones in his body shatter upon impact. Mewtwo teleported in front of him and unleashed a Psycho Cut that opened Ermac's body from the top of his chest down to the right side of his stomach.

Then Ermac felt more psychic energy pound his body due to Mewtwo's future sight attack. He coughed up blood as Mewtwo prepared another attack and then he was consumed by a massive beam of purple psychic energy that seared into the side of the valley.

"Do you now understand, monster?" Mewtwo returned to his original form and floated over to the standing, but barely alive Ermac. "You choose the wrong foe to test your might against. You would have a better chance against a Lucario."

"" Ermac fired another Force Blast at Mewtwo, but the attack was easily diverted by Mewtwo's barrier and then deflected back on him with Mewtwo's counter attack. "I am Ermac...we are many and"

"Which was more than enough." Mewtwo then struck down Ermac with a large rock and stuck him again and again until the rock broke and Ermac stood as a bloodied and powerless mess...


He knew what was about to happen, but that gave no comfort to Ermac. Ermac felt great pain that only worsened and worsened as he felt his flesh and bones begin to slow tear themselves apart. Then he saw what the pokemon was doing. He was using some strange ability to sap out blood out of every wound, past and present, that Ermac had ever suffered. He then realized that this blood was mixed in with bone marrow and pieces of organs that were needed to live.

It got much worst.

Mewtwo wasn't certain of where that voice came from, but he had no problem with heeding it's command. Mewtwo focused his psychic power upon every wound, scar and injury that this enforcer had been inflicted and concentrated.

Mewtwo ignored the screams of his defeated victim and smiled as pieces of the fool's insides where systematically torn and pulled out from inside of the screaming Ermac. The Psychic Powerhouse drew out the fool's suffering for as much as he could. Letting the fool feel his limbs get emptied and removed from out of his skin; Letting the murderer feel the pain that he had inflicted upon his brethren; and mercilessly tearing this mortal apart.

And then Mewtwo surged his power into Ermac and watched the enforcer explode into a mesh of muscle, bone, organs and blood. But by Mewtwo's power, Ermac still lived, a portion of his life force preserved in the fool's bloodied head.

Mewtwo focused to gain the memories and knowledge of this fool and slowly crushed Ermac's skull into bloody dust.




"I was content to remain in peace, but instead I am provoked into war." Mewtwo recovered his wounds and turned towards a large host of enraged cloned pokemon. "Prepare yourselves my brothers and sisters! The Reign of Mewtwo shall be visited upon this Kotal Kahn and the inhabitants of Outworld! There will be no mercy!"

Mewtwo's declared war on Outworld...I don't see this ending well.

To think that a character from a children's show/game could be so...ruthless...

After the Tetsuo fight, I'm not surprised that Mewtwo's cutting loose.

Unfortunate, but perhaps inevitable. Ermac is physically tougher and stronger and his martial arts mastery combined with his brutal tenacity did provide a challenge for Mewtwo. Not to mention that Ermac is far more experienced due to the many warrior souls in his being.

But Mewtwo is faster, more mobile, possesses flight and has a greater variety of abilities, most of which would deal full damage due to Ermac's duel-typing. Even with a lower defense and endurance, Ermac can't throw anything at Mewtwo that he wouldn't be able to recover from. Mewtwo can fight on par with legendary pokemon and without breaking a sweat.

Also, Mewtwo is much more intelligent and would be capable of assaulting Ermac with a variety of different attacks and abilities. Ermac may have some resistance to Mewtwo's telepathy, but considering Mewtwo's multi-tasking mastery including suppressing other psychic types while fighting another legendary pokemon, it wouldn't count for much. As a psychic-type, Mewtwo would gain half damage from most of Ermac's fighting or psychic abilities. He also possesses much more raw psychic power than Ermac is been shown to display.

However, the deciding factor (among others) is Mewtwo's record as the superior combatant. Mewtwo has fought in just as many battles as Ermac and barring a stalemate with Mew, Mewtwo was victorious in ALL of his battles. And once again, the only pokemon that is clearly superior to Mewtwo is Arceas...POKEMON GOD AND IT IS STILL A STATISTICAL CLOSE-CALL.

Ermac on the other hand...

Was beaten by mortal men and women and was beaten by them when he had the numerical advantage.

Even if we were to factor in the apparent implication that Ermac consumed Shao Kahn's soul, the result would be no different. Hell! Mewtwo didn't even need Mega Evolution to defeat Ermac! He's strong enough in base form as is and if Ermac were using all or part of Shao Kahn's power, that would even the scales at best, but Mewtwo would still win for all of the above reasons with or without Mega Evolution. In short, this fight was something of a stomp in Mewtwo's favor.

Mewtwo was so strong that Ermac couldn't keep himself together.

+ Greater Endurance
+ More Combat Experience
+ Physically stronger
+ Far more ruthless and brutal
+ Some of Ermac's moves could be classified as Dark-type techniques
+/- Somewhat Resistant to Mewtwo's telepathy
+/- Duel-typing negates weakness, but still gets full damage
- Limited to Ground combat
- Restricted to telekinetic power
- Vulnerable to Mewtwo's Shadow Ball
- Far less overall psychic power

+ Far Faster and more Mobile
+ Flight
+ Recovery
+ More Intelligent
+ More powerful telekinetics
+ Greater variety of techniques and abilities
+ Resistant to nearly all of Ermac's attacks
-/+ Unmatched Telepathy
-/+ Mega Mewtwo form is powerful, but temporary
- More physically fragile
- Aura Sphere only deals half damage to Ermac

The Winner is Mewtwo

Next Time on Death Battle...

"Didn't you know? Women have to be strong in order to survive!"

"I'm the smartest member in the Straw Hat group."

And after that...

In a previous bout of darkness, Mewtwo triumphed against the volatile and powerful Tetsuo.

But now a new challenger appears to test the psychic legends might.




I'm Thaeonblade rejoined by Team Rocket's Meowth and joined by Earthrealm thunder god Raiden to analyze the equipment, weaponry, abilities and skills of these two psychic warriors to find out who would win a Death Battle.

Fifty on Mewtwo.

Were it so easy to judge.

No really, I'm putting fifty thousand on Mewtwo. This fights gonna be a stomp.

In Ermac's favor. Your "pokemon battles" are like unto Mortal Kombat as Twilight is to Gone with the Wind.

(Takes out claws) You take that back. We are nothing like Twilight.

(Eyes glow) I don't think so

Guys! (Snaps fingers) Can we focus?


Born: Recently

Age: No more than a few years old

Species: Artifically Engineered Psychic Pokemon

Sex: Unknown

Weight: 2 meters

Height: 269 lbs.

Affiliations: Team Rocket (formerly), Himself, Pokemon clone colony
Since we all know who Mewtwo is from the previous battle, Mewtwo's profile here will be a brief retread. Mewtwo is an artificially created psychic pokemon cloned from the legendary pokemon Mew. After a brief stint under Team Rocket, he blew up two different pairs of owners and their buildings and flew off to make his own army of clone pokemon. He then tried to takeover the world by destroying all humans and pokemon to be replaced with his clones.

But changed his mind after finding out that not all humans are evil and became an isolationist alongside his cloned brethren.

That's all?

There's not much to say that hasn't already been said elsewhere.

Resistant to Fighting and Psychic types
Strong against Poison and Fighting types
Confuse Ray
Superb Telekinesis and Telepathy
Capable of reading and altering memories
High-speed Flight
Special Ability: Pressure
Mega Evolution: Mega Mewtwo Y

Statistically, Mewtwo was the most powerful pokemon in the series until Later Generations introduced literal dieties in Pokemon form.  Even then, Mewtwo is still only equaled by few other legendaries such as Lugia, Ho-Oh, Reshirom and Zekrom and only surpassed by two pokemon: Kyurem and Arceus. Even then, the statistical difference between them is less than 50.

Mewtwo's Psychic Pokemon which means that psychic and fighting type attacks only cause half as much damage to him. He can use his psychic power for telekinetic and telepathic powers that even make Alakazam look like a chump.

As a psychic, Mewtwo possesses the ability of flight through psychic levitation which he use at great velocity and maneuverability. His primary movelist includes a simple yet powerful burst of Psychic energy known as Psychic; The Counter move which deals back double the damage of a physical attack which he can channel through his barrier; Barrier which increases his defense and allows him to deflect attacks; Disable to disallow a random ability within his opponent; Shadow Ball, a Ghost type attack that rarely misses and has a 20% chance of lowering the opponent's defenses; and Recover, an ability that allows it's user to recover up to 50% of their health.

The ability to recover your strength is a useful ability.

Your friends should look into it, then they wouldn't die so often.

Careful feline.

With Confusion, Mewtwo psychokinetically whirls the opponent in front of it around, and lets the opponent land clumsily on the ground, doing some minor damage in the process. Mewtwo can additionally use Teleport to quickly vanish and reappear in a different location assuming that Mewtwo can visualize the destination. Later Generations additionally added the abilities of Future Sight, where Mewtwo foresees an attack and then damage is afflicted on the foe which increases depending on the foe's special attack and defense and their type; Aura Sphere, a fighting technique where Mewtwo harnesses the energy force known as the aura to project a powerful Aura bomb that never misses; and Psycho Cut which is highly accurate and likely to afflict critical damage

Mewtwo's Special Ability, Pressure makes any attack targeted at the ability-bearer twice as much energy whether it hits or not. So if you're trying to hit Mewtwo, try not to miss. Especially if you're a fighting or poison type, cause Mewtwo's psychic attacks will do double damage against ya!

What about Mewtwo's Mega Evolution-

Not using it.

But Super Smash Bros just made it something that Mewtwo can do by himself-

Really? Okay then. Using a Mega Stone, Mewtwo can push his power even further and temporarily evolve himself into a super form known as Mega Mewtwo Y.

As Mega Mewtwo Y, Mewtwo's speed, special defense, special attack and attack area all enhanced. Mewtwo also gains access to Psystrike which enables him unleash a powerful psychic attack that deals damage depending on the user's Special Attack and the opponent's Defense stat. The victim is also trapped and receives a powerful mental shock. Talk about overkill.

Indeed, Mega Mewtwo Y's power is even great enough to stand against an army of legendary pokemon known as Genesect whom have a resistance and advantage against psychic-types because of their steel/bug typing.

Double Damage from Ghost, Bug or Dark-type attacks
Deals half damage to steel and psychic types with no damage to Dark
Low Defense and Special Defense
Mega Mewtwo Y is only temporary

Though nigh invulnerable, Mewtwo is not without weakness. His defense and special defense aren't all that high and he takes twice the damage from Ghost, Bug and Dark-type attacks.

His psychic abilities also aren't as effective against Steel or other Psychics. While Dark-types can outright ignore Mewtwo's psychic abilities.

What makes one a Dark-type?

That's never been completely clear. Supposedly a dark-type move would involve something representing the night, the nocturnal, or the stealthy and sly.


I know...

Accomplishments and Kill Count:
Destroyed reinforced buildings with ease
Defeated and mind-wiped Team Rocket
Defeated, Captured and mind-wiped several elite pokemon trainers and their pokemon including Ash Ketchem
Curbstomped Gary Oak in a 2 on 1 match
Fought toe to toe with an older and more experienced Mew
Ranked on a power tier that's barely below Arceus (Pokemon god)
Two-time Super Smash Brother

Despite only being a few years old, Mewtwo has a near-genius level intellect. With it he was able to quickly master his own powers for lethal effect with minimal effort as seen with his manipulation of both the human mind and weather patterns.  He was further able to perfect the very cloning technique that birthed him and stabilized it so that it could be used on a mass-production level without any defective results as opposed to his own creation which he only had a 1 in 5 chance of surviving.

Since Mewtwo rarely fights himself, his kill count isn't all that high. The only on-screen victories that we've witnessed is him effortlessly levitating a herd of Tauros into the air; curb-stomping a Machamp; an Alakazam; and Gary's Arcanine and Nidoking with little effort. He was also able to tie against the much older and experienced Mew in his debut movie.

But the best testament to Mewtwo's power is his masterful multi-tasking. ssj3mewtwo ( said it best with this quote:
"His control over his power is iron-clad, even in the midst of heavy fighting. He can multitask stunningly well, even while performing some mind-numbingly incredible feats.
That hurricane he created? That wasn't just a storm around the island. That was a storm -meant to exterminate all human and pokemon life on the planet.-
And you know what he whipped that up with? One bloody hand. Just one hand. He looked -bored- while he was doing it.
And you know what? He kept that storm in check while fighting Mew, and suppressing the powers of the other pokemon on the island (including a number of psychic types). And if he could do that to pokemon like Alakazam while keeping gigatons of storm energy in check."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

"Do not test the limits of my power."


Born: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Species: Fusion of Souls

Sex: Male

Weight: 250 lbs.

Height: Tall

Affiliations: Shao Khan (Unwillingly); Kenshi; Earthrealm (original timeline); Kotal Kahn's Guard


Fusion of many thousands of warrior souls
Created by Shao Khan
Eventually became a good guy, thanks to Kenshi (original timeline)
Teacher of Shujinko and Kenshi (original timeline)
Enforcer of Shao Kahn and later Kotal Kahn (alternate timeline)

After 2 Mortal Kombat defeats, Outworld Emperor Shao Kahn was rather infuriated with the Earthrealm defenders. His greatest warriors failed to overcome Raiden's champions and Shao Kahn himself had faced defeat. So he decided to screw the rules and invade Earthrealm in open war.

Talk about a sore loser.

To combat my champions, Shao Kahn and a group of dark sorcerors bound thousands of vanquished souls together into a powerful revenent. This revenant was trained as a shinobi and given the name of Ermac.

Among the deadlier of Shao Kahn's minions, Ermac was sent forth into Earthrealm for one purpose. To hunt down and destroy it's champions.

Only one problem...Shao Kahn lost again and Ermac was freed from his control by blind swordsman Kenshi. Resulting in Ermac becoming a good guy and even training Kenshi and up and coming warrior Shujinko.

But that was the original timeline. OT Raiden rage-quit and sent a message back to his past self which created an alternate timeline where Ermac remained an enforcer of Outworld and a formidable foe for the forces of good. Plus, this Ermac was created much earlier than in the Original Timeline which granted plenty of more time for murdering whoever Shao Kahn didn't like.

Which was everyone.

Friendly guy.

Abilities and Skills:
High Physical Endurance
Enhanced Strength

Psychic/Fighting type
-Strong against Fighting and Rock types
-Resistant to Rock and Fighting types
Axe User
Master Martial Artist
Martial Arts drawn from the Souls within
Knowledge and experience of hundreds of warriors
- Choy Lay Fut
- Hua Chuan
Soul-powered telekinesis
- Teleport punch
- Telekinetic Slam/Telelift
- Hado/Energy Blast
- Mystic Float
- Mystic Bomb/Levitate Smash
- Force Push/Telepush
- Cannonball Slam
- Shrink his opponents?
- Telekinetic Tear
- Mind Over Splatter

As a result of his very being being entirely composed of possibly hundreds of souls, Ermac possesses various powers related to them, most commonly in the form of telekinesis, which allows him to manipulate every aspect of living and non-living objects with his mind.  In addition to his telekinesis, he is also able to manipulate soul energy because of his composition, which he utilizes in the form of both levitation and firing projectile attacks.

In addition to his souls-based abilities, Ermac is also immensely skilled in physical combat.  This may also be the result the fact that many of the souls that make up his body are that of ancient warriors who possibly are the source of his knowledge of different forms of martial arts.

While he may not appear to have any at first glance, Ermac does have one major weakness: the Netherrealm itself.  Since he is a being created completely by magic, his powers would decrease over time the longer he stays in the realm, weakening the bond holding the souls together and overall threatening his very existence.

His signature moves include the Teleport Punch where Ermac vanishes in a cloud of fire and reappears behind his opponent punching them, a move which can be used in the air; An enhanced version of the technique simply called Teleport where Ermac connects with the first punch and hits them with his elbow to knock the opponent down to the ground; Using his powers to telekinetically lift and slam them into the air in a move called Telekinetic Slam; and the stronger Telelift where Ermac lifts the opponent and slams them an additional time behind him, before the initial slam.

Ermac can also produce an Energy Ball attack called a Hado which zig-zags to the opponent and enhanced into the Force Blast; Propel himself into the air with Mystic Float; slam down on the ground from Mystic Float for a Mystic Bomb or Levitate Smash which can charge up power; the Hado has additional variants known as the Airblast when done in the air and the Focus Ball where more energy is focused into his attacks.

He can telekinetically grab his opponents and throw them and even follow that up with another attack or create a telekinetic tornado around himself for both offense and defense. He can also lift and strike opponents with a Force Push which can be enhanced with Telepush where his opponent is flipped upside down and slamed down head first. Or use the Cannonball Slam to lift up his opponent with his telekinetic powers and slam them into the ground headfirst, breaking the skull, spine and neck. Ermac then hovers above his enemy with his Mystic Float and does an elbow drop to the opponent's back, crushing their spine and ribs.

This guy doesn't play nice.

No one in Mortal Kombat plays "nice." Unlike in your world, battles are often fought to the death.

Good thing that I don't live in your world, cutting you twerps up would be easy compared to dealing with Ash's Pikachu.

You dare challenge Mortal Kombat's combatants and can't defeat a rodent?

To be fair, said rodent can generate powerful storms and defeated two legendary pokemon who had type resistances against him. Said Pikachu can also one-shot Ground and Rock type pokemon even though ground types are normally immune to lightning type attacks.

Fascinating. Perhaps I should challenge this pikachu one day.

Anyway, Ermac looks like a tough cookie and he's had organs ruptured and bones shattered, but still keeps fighting. He also uses an axe in battle and mastered two martial arts styles known as Choy Lay Fut and Hua Chuan.

Choy Lay Fut is a martial arts style combined from various northern and southern Chinese martial arts created by Chan Heung. Choy Lay Fut is an effective defensive style particularly when dealing with more than one attacker. Students of this art are trained to twist the upper torso to gain more power for hand and arm techniques. Practitioners also learn to tilt their body at an angle towards the opponent in order to reduce the target area exposed to him, and gives the practitioner far better reach in battle.

Hua Chuan, also known as the China Fist, was created in Jining of Shandong Province, also known as the ancient Rencheng, during the Tang Dynasty (713 - 741) by Cai Mao, a Mount Hua knight.  Some 400 years later, Cai's family, Cai Tai and Cai Gang, competed in national contests and finally developed the style into the present day Hua Chuan. Hua Chuan is characterized by flawless, well connected movements, lightning like speed, and well routed stances. The Practitioner's are trained to control breathing to more efficiently bring air to the entire body and the movements are coordinated with mental concentration.

Ermac additionally adds the experience of hundreds of warrior souls to his brutal combat style. When an opponent is weak enough, Ermac can finish them off in one of many techniques known as fatalities. The first is a Telekinetic Slam where Ermac repeatedly slams the opponent with his telekinetic powers until they explode.


There's also two powerful uppercuts known as Uppercut Explosion and Uppercut from Hell where the opponent explodes on contact or gets decapitated.

Telekinetic Tear allows Ermac to lift the victim into the air with his telekinetic powers. With both hands, he brings them together as the opponent's body is suddenly forced into a fetal-like position before spreading the opponent out and ripping them in half.

Or Ermac can use three telekinetic slams then he raise up an enemy and two nearby stones... 

And hits the enemy with the stones till they die?

Not exactly creative, but a dead foe is a dead foe. He can also use Mind-Over Splatter to Ermac lift his opponent in the air with his powers, then rips off their arms and legs. He then smashes them headfirst into the ground causing their head to explode.

He likes making people blow up apparently.

With Pest Control, Ermac can shrink an opponent with his powers.


Ermac then stomps on them like a boot on an ant.

Now that's creative.

He can...shrink people? Why doesn't he do that in actual combat?

Good question.

Weaker in the Nether-realm without soul stone
Doesn't have the best win-loss record
- Defeated by Liu Kang; Subzero (twice); Kurtis Stryker; Kenshi; Jacqui Briggs; Sonya despite help from Noob Saibot and Takeda despite aid from 2 allies
Double Damage from Flying, Ghost and Fairy type attacks

Despite his impressive martial arts and psychic abilities, Ermac isn't exactly the most accomplished fighter. In fact, he tends to lose far more often than he wins. Even with help from other allies or when fighting an opponent 2 on 1, he still finds a way to lose.

Ermac's luck in combat is so bad that he was defeated by Kurtis Stryker...whose just an ordinary cop; and green newcomers Jacqui Briggs and Takeda even though in the latter, he had aid from 2 other allies. Furthermore, being present in the Nether-realm will drain the power and souls within Ermac if he goes there without a Soul Stone.

But isn't he from the Nether-realm-

As a duel fighting/psychic type, Ermac likely takes double damage from flying, ghost and...fairy type attacks...

I can't believe the fairy-type is a thing either...

I'm getting old.

Accomplishments and Kill Count:
Mortal Kombat Veteran
Defeated and telepathically ripped off Jax's arms
Defeated Johnny Cage, Ashrah, and Mileena
Slew an unnamed Nether-realm Demon
Easily matched against Kung Lao, Sonya, Kitana, Jax, and Johnny Cage and freed them from Onaga's control

Despite his lack of quantity in victories, Ermac is not without accomplishment. He has survived the rigors of Mortal Kombat for many tournaments. Defeated a Demon even as the Nether-realm weakened him and defeated warriors Ashrah, Mileena and Johnny Cage.

Plus, he also fought five Earthrealm champions by himself and defeated them in a five on one battle. Keep in mind that the five of them were revenants under Onaga's control and thus weren't held back by pesky things like honor or morals.

He also defeated and removed Jax's original arms in the Alternate Timeline.

Not surprised, that's tame compared to everything else that this guy can do.

"We are many, You are one. We will destroy you!"

All Right! The combatants are set and their abilities measured! It's time to put this debate to rest once and for all!

Who will stand triumphant in this second battle of psychics? Will Mewtwo remain undefeated or will Ermac's brutality usurp the psychic powerhouse?

Stay tuned cause next time...IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!

Misato Is Ready by Thaeonblade
Misato Is Ready
"I'm always throwing Shinji-kun and the others into the line of fire." Misato tightened her plugsuit onto her form, determined to do her part.

"Now it's my turn. It's time for me to fight my own battles."
Misato WIP 1 by Thaeonblade
Misato WIP 1
Proof of concept for an evangelion project involving ladies and plugsuits.

It's not apparent yet, but the skin parts below the necks are going to be transparent.

Tips and advice are appreciated, especially for hands...I hate drawing hands.
Mistake Corrected.

Live and Learn.

Also, Avengers 2 was awesome

This Asuka Animation made me laugh

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 27, 2015, 2:50 AM

This is a fairly accurate summation of Asuka's character.

I'll admit that she's a decently layered character, but I find her to be too much of whiny bitch to be able to relate/sympathize with her. Not to mention that her domineering attitude and actions motivated by envy of Shinji really don't do anything to endear me to her.

That said, the video should give you a laugh whether you're a fan of Asuka or not.

Also, check MMMR 30 if you haven't already:…


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