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Thinking of Drawing Something, what should it be related to? 

4 deviants said Ecchi
3 deviants said MMMR character
1 deviant said Dragon Age
1 deviant said Try a Group shot
No deviants said Mecha Lord
No deviants said Another mecha
No deviants said Other: specify in comments


Copyright: The following is a fan-written story. Dragon Age is owned by Bioware and EA and this is a non-profit story written for fun and laughs.

Ebasit Adaar sat back in his chair.

On the table next to him were an assortment of weapons and items. An open sketchbook with various nude women; A blackbow with blades attached to either limb; A long knife of veridium make; a steel longsword; four silverite daggers; belts strapped with poisons and potions; a travel cloak which doubled as a blanket; An old and worn qunari necklace; and a pack filled with other uninteresting, yet important items for survival and not starving.

Adorned with scars and tears from many adventures and jobs, the vashoth mercenary had a tired look upon his face. Or it was probably just his grey features. Who knew with qunari-

"Don't call me qunari." Ebasit remarked and signed as he pinched the bridge of his nose. "I read your mind? That was not intentional, I'm not psychic...I'm just thinking of the last idiot who called me a qunari. I warned him to correct himself too and...he didn't get it."

Half of his teeth missing, the now unconscious sellsword was allowed to fall to the floor. Ebasit looked around at the crowd to see if the sellsword's friend would want to avenge him, but they luckily saw wisdom and opted to drag their friend to a healer. The vashoth grabbed his victim's pint and drained it in one go before asking the waitress for another.

"If I was qunari, I'd snap your friend's neck and tell you to convert or suffer your friend's fate. I'd like to think that I'm more reasonable than that."

Having gotten all of the information that he needed, the vashoth proceeded to walk up to each prisoner and snap their necks with his bare hands. One by one, no mercy was given to any of the captured guards. After all, if even one of them escaped then his job would be compromised and he wasn't going to get paid if his actions in this estate were traced back to his wealthy employer.

"I mean...I've gotten my hands dirty plenty of times. I've even done things that I regretted. But I'm not a sadist. I just do what needs to be done."

His hand over the templar's neck, Ebasit did not react when the man spasmed when his dagger slit the rogue templar's throat. The man gargled and looked around for help, but found that all of his companions had already been killed in their sleep. Dusting off his hands, Ebasit entered the tent of his target and kicked him out of his bed. The former Seeker was furious, but Ebasit was sure that he'd cooperate once he realized that his twenty guards were all dead.

"Now you're probably wondering why I'm sharpening my horns? Is that what you'll ask?" The Vashoth continued to sharpen his large black horns which crowned his skull and curved backwards like a rams. "The answer is simple really. It's just a habit that I've had since I was a welp. I wasn't always a big man with a big bow. There was a time when I was a small child who had to scrap with everything that he had."

Screaming, the bloodied youth swung to bash his horn against his attack's skull. The attacker's hold on his arms loosened and Ebasit took initiative, charging with his head down to bash his horns into the older boy's stomach and throw him onto the ground. Growling and feral, the young vashoth knelt over his fallen foe and proceeded to smash his head into the other boy's chest over and over. The squire coughed up blood each time the vashoth's horns impacted his battered chest.

"When I'm out of arrows and someone gets the jump on me. Having horns on your head really comes in handy."

Seeing a rogue emerge from stealth in the corner of his eye, Ebasit narrowly managed to catch the assassin's dagger on his left horn before it hit his skull. The vashoth forced the assassin's dagger out of his hand and skull-bashed him in the throat. While the assassin struggled for breath, Ebasit picked up the assassin's steel dagger and sharpened it on his right horn. The Vashoth had a smile on his face as he carefully and repeatedly stabbed the gasping assassin in his throat.

"A smart rogue uses every asset that they own and can acquire. Sure, I am a great archer."

An arrow in his knee, the fleeing scoundrel could only cry out as another arrow went through his eye and killed him. The scoundrel's partners saw what had happened and decided to flee faster. This did nothing to stop grey-tipped arrows laced with venom from striking through their spines, necks and legs. About 350 meters away, listened to the death cries carried through the wind to confirm his kills. Deciding that he had plenty of time, he went back to counting how much money was on the ten bodies that surrounded him.

"But if that was all I could do, then I'd be dead many times over. If you're a rogue then you're either quick or you're dead."

Cursing while dragging his wounded leg across the floor, Ebasit looked back at the heavily armored knight that was charging at him with a large sword. Ebasit balanced on his remaining leg and used his horned bow to catch and parry the knight's attack to throw him against a heavy table. Realizing that the knight was standing on a carpet, Ebasit quickly tugged and pulled on the rug to knock the knight off balance and let gravity do the rest. His own heavy armor weighing him down, Ebasit picked up a wyvern idol and dropped it on the knight's exposed neck.

"I have to play dirty. Look at me? I'm a lot smaller than most other kossith though non-kossith wouldn't see the difference-" The Grey Elk suddenly stopped his ranting and had a thought come to mind. "This is a little off-track, but don't we use the term kossith anymore? I don't mind being a Vashoth, but when did the name of a religion become synonymous with a race? Do you how bloody confusing it is when you've got elves and humans who are of the Qun that are called Qunari and then you've got kossith who are also called Qunari? I'm all for equality, but practically still has a place in the world doesn't it?"

An arrow flew and pierced through a qunari elf's chest. Adaar jumped down and shot through the back of the large qunari beneath him. He used the dying and stunned qunari to break his fall and used the body as a make-shift slide down the muddy hill. Five Ben-Hassrath warriors met their end by the time the qunari's corpse smashed into the bottom of the hill. Seeing that he was out of arrows, Adaar stripped the corpse of it's quiver and decided to make use of his post-mortem slide's unused arsenal.

"Now...I am something called an Inquisitor. Got the mark to prove it." Adaar held up his gloved left hand which faintly glowed with a green energy. "I am not looking forward to this job. Not because of all of the fighting or the hardship ahead...I just really don't like politics."

While guarding the soon-to-be doomed Enclave, Adaar half-slept standing up while mages and templars raged at each other. The merry-go-round of idiocy annoyed him, he would've walked out of this assembly entirely if not for the stuck-up leader of the Valo-kas Mercenary Group that hired him. Figuring that sleeping wouldn't get him paid, Adaar decided to keep himself awake by watching some of the more loosely dressed mage ladies. When they got mad, their loosely supported breasts tended to bounce in outrage along with them.

"And this job is going to have a lot of politics. Luckily I know a lovely lady who rides through politics." Adaar looked around to make sure that no one would hear his next thought, "Which gives me a good deal of motivation if you catch my meaning."

"Inquisitor we need you to-" Leliana paused to see Josephine Montilyet passionately rocking her hips up and down Adaar's shaft with the latter seated on the meeting hall table. Ebasit kneaded Josie's breasts while she gripped his horns while he thrusted up into her. Surprised, warmed and aroused by the sight, Leliana quietly exited the room with a smile as Ebasit planted a kiss on Josephine's lips and laid her on her back.

"Lady Montilyet is far from my first." Adaar briefly looked over his sketchbook and laughed. "I've got plenty of lovely ladies in this book. Some pictures are drawn better than others, it depends on the experience I had with them. Right now, Josie is about the second best lady that I've ever had. The first would be Bonnie or Sir. Bonnie as she known in Redcliffe. She's quite the fighter now, but she always a feisty little lass."

The naked redhead's foot firmly planted itself in between Adaar's legs. " till tonight you naughty little bull." The well-endowed girl planted a kiss on Ebasit's agonized forehead and skipped off to continue her bath while Adaar lost consciousness for half of the day. Adaar wasn't mad at her, in fact this memory made things hotter when he had Bonnie pinned against a tree screaming for him to go harder. But while she was satisfied, the pain from her kick earlier in the day robbed Adaar of his sleep.

"Josephine's got spunk too. Though I'd say that it's a little more...subtle."

Adaar laughed while Lady Montilyet continued to tickle him. In his ticklish state, he didn't notice that his lady switched out an execution order with an imprisonment order. By the time that Adaar caught the switch, he had already forgotten why he'd ordered an execution on a man who stole a loaf of bread? Yeah, twenty days in the dungeons was much more reasonable.

"And I know subtle. I'm the most quiet person that you'll ever meet in your life."

Panic and screaming erupted around him as the nobles discovered that their family head and all of their guards were dead. One ran right by the culprit as he sat and read through an entertaining and fun story written by a dwarf from Kirkwall. It took Adaar hours to finish the story while officials and soldiers scrambled to find out who was responsible for these murders. When Adaar decided to vacate the estate through the front door, nobody saw him leave or even knew that he was ever there.

"That's why I'm dangerous. Any fool can swing around a sword and shout that they're tough. Any fool can put an armor for people to see them and be afraid. Some may even have good reason for people to fear them." Adaar admitted. "But what's more dangerous is what you can't see."

Emerging from the shadows, Adaar had already loosed his arrow by the time the guard heard someone step behind him. An arrow pierced through the nape of his neck and came out of his throat. The man's eyes were filled with fear as they darkened and someone slipped a ring from his stiffening fingers.

"Fear what you don't know."

Backed into a corner, the captain could only cry to himself as he heard bodies drop and soldiers cry out from that which killed them from the darkness. He had his sword in hand and a shield in the other, waiting for the culprit to show himself so that the captain could depart from this world as a soldier should.

"People are afraid when they see me. That's nothing compared to the others. Pray to your non-existent god that you won't be one of my targets."

Above him with a horned-bow drawn, Adaar had other intentions for his last target. Ones that involved a quiet arrow through the skull rather than a long and drawn out battle of attrition. Adaar preferred the former method to the latter.

"You'll never see me coming." The Qunari suddenly laughed loudly when he realized what he had just said. "Where did that line come from? Seriously? I've had too much for tonight."

Meet The Grey Elk
Author's Notes:

I was trying to figure out what my Inquisitor's personality would be like for DA:I and decided to write this one-shot to help with that.

Hope you enjoyed it.
Keep an eye on a certain update/redo of Mecha Lord coming soon. Still working on the next two MMMR chapters. I promise that they won't be as long as 28 (if that bothered anyone).
But due to an NDA, I can't tell you what I do in it until after Inquisition is out.

Just wanted to share that random bit of news though.
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But due to an NDA, I can't tell you what I do in it until after Inquisition is out.

Just wanted to share that random bit of news though.
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Anything but rap
  • Reading: Anything but Twilight
  • Watching: War Documentaries
  • Playing: KOTOR 2 and Empire at War
  • Eating: bananas
  • Drinking: Fruit Punch-Lemonade


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