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Favorite Mecha Ranger or Ally? 

7 deviants said Shinji
2 deviants said Simon and/or Kamina
2 deviants said Roger
2 deviants said Heero
1 deviant said Van
No deviants said Bit
No deviants said Other -explain in the comments
No deviants said Coop
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Ruins of Angel Grove

"Pain...Pain...Pain...stop touching it...STOP!" Whoever was talking, his voice jolted Simon from his trance and he removed his hand from the black monolith. Simon suddenly felt as though he'd lost a lot of strength, his legs barely able to support his body as Simon steadied himself upon the chamber wall. Simon's breath was heavy and quick, his eyes locked upon the black stone and now seeing it for what it really was.

A Trap.

"No...not a trap..." Simon said to himself and yet, trap seemed like the most accurate way to describe the object. Whatever that thing was, it was reading his mind and probing through his entire being. What for? What was it looking for? Was it even alive? Simon felt as though it were best if this object were to be destroyed and placed his drill core in his hand to do just that.

And then the desire for destruction left him.

Something the object still seemed immaculate to Simon. He could judge that a Spiral Drill would be strong enough to destroy the monolith. But why should he? What was the point?

It didn't harm him, did it?

"So we're not the first ones to know about Enoch..." Simon heard Roger's voice echo in his head and shocked the young boy with the further thoughts that emerged from Roger's words. "Wonder where Simon is-"

"Persian Rose? I thought she hated this perfume." Another voice echoed apparently talking about someone that he was kissing and touching in places that elicited a female moan. Simon was confused, interested, guilty, shamed and bewildered at the same time. "What? Wow! She really tattooed my name right above her pub-"

"Simon." Thankfully, the digger's attention was brought to the light emitted from Dorothy's forehead.

"Mrs. Dorothy!" Simon called out cheerfully and then had Dorothy touch his forehead with her eyes rapidly changing color. "Ah...what are you-"

"You touched the monolith." Dorothy spoke in a monotone, though her expression was equal parts condemning and concerned.

"Was I supposed to touch it?"

Command Security Safe House

Seto Kaiba was not having a good day.

He was literally 1...ONE LIFE POINT away from finally beating Yugi and taking his title of "King of Games".

But no!

His so-called guards had to stop the duel and drag him to the Super Secret Security Safe House within the Command Center's Basement.

To make things worst, the Black Prince and Yugi were brought along too for some stupid reason.

Even worse.

Why he was brought down here confirmed Kaiba's growing belief that these SAS veterans were pussies.

"Let me get this straight." Kaiba started, seated in a circle of guards loading their guns and checking ammo. "We've beaten clones of godzilla; An ancient warzord that made Mecha Lord it's bitch, twice in a row; A dragon of destruction and chaos; A mythical turtle-crab-squid monster; and a singing diamond. None of you did jack to secure me."

"You didn't tell us to secure you-"

"But now you decide to do your jobs." Kaiba continued and ignored Price. "You decide to put me down here because the command center has been infiltrated by a pair of incestuous bi-sexual demon schoolgirls with big breasts."

Price turned to his employer with a blank expression. "Yes sir."

"Why did I hire you people?"

"To train your people and protect you and your brother." Price answered as Soap and Ramirez escorted Mokuba and Kiyal into the safe house. "Anything?"

"Nothing sir. The Mokuba Cave was clear." Soap responded and got a call on his mike. "Yuy's coming down with Ikari and Rossiu? Thanks Yuri."

"What's the word?"

"Major Yuy and Rossiu just found Shinji and they're all coming down here." Soap answered. "Briefers had a device on hand that'll help us find the demon sisters. The schematics have been uploaded into mainframe for security reference."

"How long until the whole center is scanned?" Lelouch inquired while playing with his marbles.

"The system scan won't be available for at least 4 hours." Mokuba replied with a groan. "Optimus is currently trying to speed things up, but his spark hasn't regained full power from the Zilla Wars. Which means that he'll only be able to knock off an hour...two at the most."

"I am sorry that I cannot do more-"

"Shut up Optimus. And don't short circuit yourself or I'll use your head as scrap for my next throne!" Kaiba shouted at the intercom just as the door suddenly opened. The security detail all trained their weapons at a very skittish eva pilot who held up his hands in blatant fear.

Price motioned for the men to hold their fire. "Sorry major, we need to make sure that you're not one of the schoolgirls."

Shinji shook as he looked upon each gun leveled at his face. "The door...took my dna scan so..."

"They can disguise themselves as other people, so we can't be too careful." Soap stated apologetically. "What did Ramirez throw at Deathwing before you fought him? Also, what district did the fight take place in and what did you do to make him tear apart your eva?"

"That brings up a lot of uncomfortable memories-" Upon seeing Soap point an assault rifle in his face, Shinji gulped. "Ramirez was commanded to throw a flash bomb in Deathwing's face to cover for the defense force's retreat when the dragon's roar disabled all of the gm's. We encountered him in district 7 and after he initially defeated Mecha Lord, I had my eva throw it's knife into Deathwing's eye which pissed it off to where it nearly killed me by stabbing my eva multiple times in the stomach, chest and eventually breaking eva's spine. All while I was at an 85% synch ratio."

"Do you have any tattoos?"

Shinji was now perplexed. "No, why would I have one?"

The former 131 task-force guards turned to Kaiba who shrugged. "It checks out for me."

"Alright, sorry Major. Just doing our job-" The guards now pointed their weapons at a Gundam pilot who pointed back at them with a pistol while carrying something over his shoulders. "Heero Yuy, when did we first meet-"

"Colony 1 of Side 2 while you were pursuing the russian ultranationalist terrorist Makarov. I had been shot in the back and the chest per punishment for leaking to you Makarov's plans to steal Gundam Wing as part of his attempt to continue with the original Operation Meteor. Upon shooting 8 of Makarov's men in their heads and narrowly missing Makarov by an inch twice, I passed out from blood loss. I would have died if not for your first aid or Doctor J."

The guard detail lowered the weapons, knowing that every detail that Heero had stated were all true. "Okay, Yuy. Whose with you?"

"Rossiu, Commander Ashta, Father Maxwell, Briefers and Kaji." Heero replied as Kaji, Judau and Duo all waved from behind Heero. "I take it that Kaiba, his brother and Prince Lelouch are secured?"

Yugi pouted. "Thanks for giving a crap about what happens to me."

"So none of you have encountered the devil sisters?" Briefs asked and saw everyone shake their heads. "Damn. Then we've still got a problem."

"I still don't see why I have to stay down here-" Heero unceremoniously dumped a dead body on Kaiba's game table. Seto looked upon the corpse and remained unimpressed. "Sucks to be her."

"Hey! I know her! She's Naomi! That transfer from the Fujimi Academy." Mokuba said excitedly and it then sank in that he was looking at a dead body with a black-gold axe-scythe embedded into the top of her spine. So he took out a stick and poked the raven-haired corpse. "And she's dead."

"What gave that way?" Lelouch inquired as if bored. "The axe in her back or her blank lifeless eyes? The question is how?"

"She'd been dead for at least an hour when we found her." Rossiu stated as he took the axe from the girl's body and inspected the blade. "Fortunately, Naomi was a low-access employee. The demons can't use her to get anywhere with sensitive information."

"Clearance isn't necessary. A pretty schoolgirl is a great disguise."

"Speaking from experience Ashta?" Judau nodded to Kaji's question as the latter turned more serious as he looked to Briefers. "How do we find them?"

District 41

Van wasn't certain about how he felt.

He sat on top of Bit's Pad and stared at the passing clouds with his sword sheathed to his side. Hitomi would tell Van that something was on his mind, but Van was too dense to know what it was.

What could possibly be wrong?

Fanelia was safe and guarded by Folken and Allen; He and Hitomi would marry in a year; and he'd found a new set of fire-forged friends whom would give his life for him and vice versa.

Then why did he feel so small when he thought about them?

"Because compared to them, you are weak." Van stirred from his thoughts and drew out his sword. Looking around for whoever had spoken to his mind. He focused within his thoughts to fortify his mind from another telepathic invasion. Focusing his mana around himself in anticipation for any unseen enemies that could surprise him. Van had dealt with many enemies who had used stealth in the past and had many lessons carved into his memory and flesh from those experiences.

"A barrier to protect against the unseen with your mind warded against intrusion? Impressive." Then he felt him. Van's eyes widened upon feeling that a gloved hand upon his neck. In the corner of his eye, Van saw a man with blue hair and white trench coat. His eyes eliciting an emotionless golden glare despite the amused smile on the intruder's face. "But worthless."

"Who are you?"

"Legato Bluesummers. A friend of your comrade Bit." Van was perplexed by the man's answer. "However, I am momentarily more interested in the blood that flows through your fiance's veins. That blood which gives such beautiful color to her skin-"

Just as Van was about to will his mana to crush this intruder, he suddenly saw his body freeze and was forced to walk forward like a puppet on strings.

"What is this?" Van demanded as he entered the Blitz Pad with his sword still in hand. "What are you doing?"

"Hey Van!" Bit called out as he approached. "Hey man! Sheath the sword! There aren't any enemies to-" Van plunged his sword into Bit's stomach and carved upwards to decapitate the Zoid's ace.

"STOP!" But Van couldn't stop...

Legato wouldn't let him.


District 29

Hearing Hikari sob, Ninamori decided that she was just getting out some pent-up emotions. "So looks like the girl chat is working out-"

Kiva was watching tv while Hikari lied on her back with a dent in the ceiling above her.

"Ah...did I miss something?" Ninamori asked in confusion while going over to help Hikari.

Kiva was unapologetic. "She attacked me, so I responded."

"Really? Doesn't seem so simple to me!" Ninamori shouted as Stocking re-entered eating popcorn with Coop blinking rapidly upon seeing the crater in his living room ceiling. "You could've killed her!"

"She provoked the fight. Anything that happened would have been her fault." Kiva replied. "Besides, I think that it's just punishment seeing as that she's just putting on a mask for the people she claims to care about."

"I'm not like Asuka..." Hikari weakly sobbed and nearly fell if not for Ninamori's grip. "I'm not...I..."

Coop was confused. "Why the hell did you kick her? This isn't like you Kiva."

"She. Attacked. Me." Kiva reminded Coop.

"She goes off after you compared her to some some red-head bitch and you decide to nearly kill her!" Ninamori shouted. "It's called restraint woman! I thought you were the most restrained of the bunch!"

Stocking took a bite of her cookie while looking upon Kiva suspiciously.

"Is this bad?"

"It's very bad! Do you know what Shinji's gonna do if he finds out what Kiva did to Hikari? I DO NOT WANT TO END UP LIKE THE KRAKEN!" Ninamori shouted at Coop in fear and anger. "So...please tell me that we've got some kind of first aid-"

Stocking stabbed her glowing sword through Hikari's chest and then cut downwards. Though the class representative's clothing was torn and ripped, Hikari's condition appeared to improve with the school representative able to stand on her own two feet.

"What?" Kiva asked in shock and looked over to a smirking Stocking. "Why did you cut open her shirt like that?"

"My swords can restore an individual's spirit and willpower by purging them of impure influence. They're meant to cut spiritual beings, so I can't actually hurt her. But that doesn't include clothing as well." To prove her point, Stocking cut across Ninamori's shirt and cut it open as well to the latter's mild surprise. "If she were a demon, ghost or angel however...that would have killed her."

"Well...learn something new every day."

"I don't feel much better..." Hikari solemnly remarked.

"It can't do anything about human emotion or natural stuff. Only negative influences from the outside." Kneesocks stated and looked over to where Kiva was fuming almost turning her skin a shade redder. "Pissed?"

"They should...change their clothes..." Kiva stated with barely restrained anger. "It's not...appropriate for them to be walking around in ruined clothing like that!"

Coop didn't follow. "You kick a girl into the ceiling and that's appropriate. But walking around in torn shirts is bad?"

"Look at them!" Kiva pointed out how the two class representatives were now partially topless thanks to the clothing damage. But, Coop still looked from Kiva to the girls in confusion. "How do you not see how this...this..."

"You're really acting weird right now." Coop stated and then gasped as an idea came to mind. "Hey! Maybe you should let the angel chick stab you and that'll make you feel better!"

"That is a retarded idea Coop, even coming from-" Kiva reacted on a dime and avoided Kneesock's stab. She then pulled a Black-Gold chainsaw from her uniform that she slashed at Stocking only to be countered from attacks from Ninamori's guitar and Hikari's katana. Jumping backwards, Kiva was then grabbed and held from behind by Coop. "Let me go! Let me go!"

"Not till you stop acting weird and go back to being strict and non-harmful Kiva!" Coop shouted while maintaining his grip on Kiva. But, that didn't last long when Kiva expertly slipped from his grip and flipped up onto the ceiling as if the rules of gravity decided to leave her exempt.

Looking up, Coop was relatively calm. "So you're not Kiva."

MMMR 30 Complete…
Special Thanks to my beta reader for much-needed grammer fixes! Hope you enjoy the chapter!
I know that I'm pretty late to the party.

But Naruto is done.

At least the main manga is. Sure, Kishimoto will release several spin-off stories focusing on side characters and the next generation.

But the story of Naruto that began when many of us were young is now concluded for better or worst.

For the longest time, I considered writing a few last words about the series, but wondered if I actually wanted to. I'd felt as though I'd already said my piece on Naruto entirely and that there wasn't anything else to say. Even when the Final Arc kept throwing things at me to rant about, nothing stuck because I wasn't sure if it was worth it or a repeat of what I've already said before.

So why am I talking about it now? The Naruto Panel at Naka-Con helped and I even got a ticket to another convention in the summer. It also helps that I largely distanced myself from Naruto and focused on other things. I don't even plan to watch Naruto: The Last Movie though I hear that it's good in the romance and action departments and giving the appropriate treatment to the officially canon NaruHina pairing which was lacking in the main story. It even appropriately grilled Naruto for being so inexcusably blind and made him work to make up for lost ground. It's just not something that I want to watch or that makes up for the failings of the manga's portrayal.

But anyway, let's move on to talking about Naruto's ending and what I liked and hated about it. I'll try to keep this from going too long and some points may be brief because they're self-explanatory or because there's nothing that I can say which hasn't already been said.

The Good Stuff

There's lots of stuff to enjoy about the last arc. The obvious being all of action scenes. One of my personal favorites was Eight Gates Might Guy vs Ten Tails Madara which had an emotional pathos that added depth to a visually extraordinary last stand.

I also enjoyed the last fight between Naruto and Sasuke because of all of the crazy powers that they're throwing at each other. Not to mention how this is a great call-back to the end of Part 1 by setting the fight in the Valley of the End. The destruction of the statues of Madara and Hashirama representing the breaking of the cycle of animosity between the Sage of Six Path's son and allowing room for true brotherhood and peace.

The Kaguya twist was blatant bullshit, but the fight was interesting by itself. There were even some good comedy moments like Naruto's reverse harem no jutsu which actually worked. The teamwork between Naruto, Sasuke and later Kakashi was also pretty well done even if the attitudes at play were groan-inducing.

The final goodbye between Naruto and Minato was very bittersweet and heartwarming at the same time. It brought closure to a hanging thread concerning Naruto's lack of parental love and now he got to settle everything with his father. As Minato is freed from the Shinigami, this will also be the first time that he'll be able to truly go to the afterlife to be with his wife, Kushina.

The Ending itself is mostly conclusive with the 5 Ninja Villages fully at peace and harmony with one another. Just about everyone got married including Rock Lee (though I guess we'll never know who his wife was. My personal bet is on Tenten!) and there's a new generation that questions why they have to learn ninjutsu in a time of peace. Even the adults acknowledge this paradox and don't take it too seriously with some characters like Tenten being utterly bored. There's also a great homage to the opening page of Naruto in the last page and as I'm a sucker for book ends, I felt my heart warm a bit.

Naruto made it. He accomplished his dream and then some. You could argue that making Naruto hokage is pointless since everyone already acknowledged him which was what he wanted all along. He also got a family including a trouble-making son who doesn't want to share his father with the rest of the village. The Kyubi is soundly at peace inside of Naruto and he and Gaara lead a new council of kage in ensuring world peace.

I'm still curious about what happened to Orochimaru, Kabuto or the rest of Taka after the War, but otherwise, nearly every lose end is somehow resolved. This is certainly a fairly conclusive ending.

In fact, I'd say that this ending is still good despite it's imperfections. A micro-look at the overall anime/manga if you will and it's still enjoyable with genuine heartwarming moments despite several inherent problems in delivery. Which brings us to...

The Bad Stuff

If you've read any of my previous essays… or that of PikachuBinary's Top 10 OTHER Problems With Naruto's Final Arc then you'll know that Naruto's final arc had a lot of problems relating to plot contrivance and asspulls. Not to mention fundamental reversals on Naruto's main theme which undermine many earlier actions and moments in the series.

I won't go into detail about all of them or spend any time trying to go over every symptom of the disease. I'm just going to focus on three points which lead to all of my headaches with the Final Arc in addition to the 12 major problems that I'd listed out before.

1) Kaguya and the Black Zetsu Retcon

Kaguya was the most anti-climatic, half-assed, asspulled villain in anime history.

And I sat through the MP Evas in End of Evangelion!

She's the anime equivalent of Mass Effect 3's Starchild or to a lesser degree, the Architect from the Matrix: Reloaded (which I didn't personally think was bad). A major character with no foreshadowing or valid hints who appears out of nowhere in the closing act of the story and is given importance which supersedes and rewrites every other major development in the central conflict which came before.

But I won't bother going into all of the little details about this character or her lack of motivation, the lack of character depth, or how the battle feels like it was honestly easier and less intense than against Tobito or Madara. I don't even acknowledge Kaguya's validity as a character or as being part of Naruto in the same way that Sonic fans disregard Sonic 06 or Sonic Free Riders as being part of the Sonic series. (for good reason)

Instead, I'm going to the heart of the problem.

See, Black Zetsu was really the brains for his "mother" and had actually manipulated the entire ninja world since the Sage's sons in order to revive Kaguya. He even explains how he was the one who influenced the Sage's older son, Indra, to fight his younger brother, Ashara and start the entire family feud that eventually leads to the Senju/Uchiha conflict many generations later. BZ further notes that he'd rewritten the Sage of Six Path's Naka Shrine Tablet in order to deceive Ashara's descendants until someone eventually could regain the Rinnegan and use it to free Kaguya.

Two problems with his set-up.

A) The Naka Shrine Tablet

If I recall correctly, the Naka Shrine tablet had been established as being unreadable to anyone without at least a Sharingan. In fact, you needed a Rinnegan to be able to fully read the whole message. But Black Zetsu never even had a sharingan or much less a Rinnegan since Madara is apparently the first person to "awaken" the Rinnegan in many generations.

So you're telling me that Black Zetsu can alter something when he shouldn't even be able to read it? Right.

Yet, the story just glances over this and expects us to just accept it. With the giant list of plot holes and contrivances that the story has at this point, it expects to just go ahead and add another one to justify another bullshit twist.


B) The Agency of the Uchiha is invalidated

Making Black Zetsu into the ultimate mastermind behind not just Madara's actions, but also the Curse of Hatred, the Senju/Uchiha conflict and the fundamental hatred of the shinobi way of life is cheap. It's as if this was thrown in to try and justify the Uchiha from any logical or ethical judgement for any actions that any member of the clan has taken.

Madara going through with his plots due to a lifetime of hardship, loss and warfare? All of which desensitize him to any notion of true peace in the world and deciding that the best option is a grand illusion where no one loses?

Nope! He was just the latest pawn of BZ.

Obito becoming Tobi because of the loss of Rin and understanding the fundamental darkness within a system that forces children to fight and die as soldiers?

Nope! BZ played him like all of the others.

The Uchiha Clan succumbing to hubris to launch a self-destructive coup against Konoha only to be slaughtered by one of their own clansmen, Itachi?

All part of BZ's manipulations.

The fundamental conflict of Naruto being started by an older brother who couldn't accept being passed over by his younger brother and starting a war because of it?

Ha! BZ had it all planned.

Also, I'd love for someone to explain how BZ was able to beat Madara. Remember that the last time we saw BZ, he couldn't even overcome a dying Obito or defeat pre-Sage power-up Naruto.

But go back up to the Image that preludes the bad stuff to see Black Zetsu one-shot Madara Uchiha...while he has both Rinnegan and a Rinne-sharingan. After Madara showed being able to go head-to-head with Sasuke and Naruto after they got their Sage power-ups.

The rest of the bullshit regarding Black Zetsu's new retconnned role and Kaguya all speak for themselves, so I won't say anything more.

2) Sakura was an utter waste of time and space

700 Chapters.

700 Chapters and Sakura has proven once and for all that she should not have been the main heroine.

This Final Arc especially didn't do any favors for the character. Any good things that Sakura actually did emerged from powers that she pulled out of her ass or from the plot having pity on her to try and distract us from how worthless she truly is. Otherwise, she was either a no-show, a burden that everyone else had to protect and save, or an utter fail.

How else does she hesitate to take out a single Rinnegan? She had one job! One. Job. She fucked it up and the whole world got caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

But the final nail doesn't come until after the Kaguya fight when Sasuke decides to be a jerk. He declares that he'll kill the five kage, kill Naruto, kill the biju and "revolutionize" the ninja world in his image.

Yet, as Naruto and Sasuke are about to fight. Something happens. Sakura appears to be ready to do something about this crap.

She looks pissed.

There's tears in her eyes. She's fuming at the mouth. Her eyes are narrowing in determination and anger. She's in shock and disbelief with what Sasuke has just said. She looks like she's ready to kick his ass or make a really good show for it.


"Growling Facepalm"


"Breathes heavily to calm down"

"Exhales in annoyance"

Why does this piss me off so much?

Honestly, it's the fact that Sakura completely and utterly devolves her character back to the useless fangirl in Part 1 with the above tirade. She goes from a character who is at least putting in some effort into becoming stronger mentally and physically to a battered whiner who just cries and begs like that'll do something.

And once again, if this was the endgame for Sakura, then what was the point of her character? If she went through all of that development, training, trial and error and so on just to reset herself back to square 1 then why did Kishimoto waste our time by shoving her into the spotlight and saying, "this is your main heroine!"

You know what's worst? Even after all of the crap that Sasuke's put her through for the past several years; even after Sasuke tried to kill her no less than 3 times; even after Sasuke threatened to kill Sakura's master and the other 4 kage including Gaara; even after Sasuke tried to kill Naruto and takeover the world; even after Sasuke threw into a Genjutsu which consisted of Sasuke stabbing through Sakura's chest with his arm.

She accepts his briefly worded apology and eventually rides his dick.

She chooses to spend her life with Sasuke and raise his child.

Kishimoto himself is quoted as saying that if Sakura didn't end up with Sasuke, then she'd seem like a bad person or something to that effect. But, does he not see the clearly unhealthy and abusive overtones that SasuSaku now canonically has thanks to it's portrayal in the story?

Does he truly believe that Sakura would be a weaker character by not ending up with Sasuke?

People can change their mind or grow out of their feelings. There is nothing wrong with that. People fall in and out of love all of the time and there will be some drama, but life moves on. If Sakura were to decide that her feelings for Sasuke were feelings for a shadow of a thought or for the idea of Sasuke or for a Sasuke that no longer exists that would actually be a great move for her! I don't even care if she ended up with Naruto, Rock Lee or alone! Sasuke was clearly a poisonous fume that made it hard for Sakura to breath or even live her life.

But no! Kishimoto believes that the best thing for Sakura is if she ends up as Sasuke's bitch.

And don't give me that shit about how "Love doesn't need a reason." That's the dumbest line that I've ever heard from this manga and for it to come from Kakashi? Wow...just one of many things that I want to forget about in this manga...

The Sasusaku fans out there will disagree with me and you're free to do so. But it's hard for me to see Sakura's fate as anything else than a slap in the face of her character. The cheery on top of bad writing for what could have been a good character. But I suppose that this was the best fate that Kishimoto could craft for Sakura seeing as that she was an after-thought from the start and almost never had any characterization, goal or drive that isn't divorced from Naruto and Sasuke.

My standards for Sakura's role were minimal at this point too! If nothing else, if she'd stayed useless, I would have been happy as long as she put her foot down, stood up for herself and stopped being Sasuke's bitch.

And speaking of Sasuke...

3) Sasuke is Sasuke because he's Sasuke and everyone's okay with it because he's Sasuke

Now for the long one...

Now, what I'm going to say on this last point, may make it sound like I'm an Anti-Sasuke fan.

That couldn't be further from the truth.

Sasuke is actually one of the most interesting characters to me.

Which is why I have many problems with how Kishimoto and the story treat him.


Sasuke just became a joke.

A flanderized exaggeration of himself that's poorly imitating Pain's plan for world domination and sounding even more pathetic for it!

You mean to tell me that after hearing from Zombie Itachi, the Zombie Hokages, the Sage of Six Paths himself, and Black Zetsu...he decides that the best way to save the world is to do the exact same thing that Madara and Kaguya were doing.

Oh sure! He puts a different spin on it by saying that he's channeling the world's hatred on him or some crap like that. But he's ultimately the one controlling the world because clearly that's the way to achieve peace. I'm sure that it won't lead to many and many revolts. Revolts that will fan more hatred around the world even if they're crushed. I'm sure that this won't lead to more bloodshed as everyone will be fine with it considering that Sasuke JUST MURDERED THE LEADERS OF THE FIVE NINJA VILLAGES!

Villages which had all banded together and had managed to come to a physical, mental and even emotional accord with each other. Remember when Ino connected everyone's memories and emotions with each other? Did Sasuke just forget about that or suppress it out of sheer stupidity.

Nope! Sasuke thinks that the best way for peace is to kill the five kage, destroy the bijuu (kind of justified, yet still wrong and dumb), kill Naruto for convenience and rule the world.

What's worst? The So6P actually heard all about Sasuke's plans and gave him a Rinnegan anyway.

Even worst? After they beat the crap out of each other, Sasuke is suddenly a good guy. He makes some speech about caring for people all along and believing that it made him weak and hence why he tried to kill all of the people that he actually cared for.

Naruto buys this.

Sakura buys this.

Kakashi says a few things, but ultimately buys this.

As no one is out for Sasuke's head, I have to assume that either Team 7 covered for Sasuke or they all bought Sasuke's apology as well.

Let's start from the beginning.

I heavily debated the topic of Sasuke with another deviant on the site and it pretty much boils down to the fact that Kishimoto was both too uncertain about Sasuke's role and he kept backtracking whenever Sasuke apparently crossed the Moral Event Horizon.

Now I get the idea behind Sasuke and it has a lot of similarities with the characterizations of rivals like Zuko and Vegeta. Sasuke is meant to be a morally conflicted character whose tragic backstory leads him to do bad things. Yet, there's meant to be a small hope that he'll come back from the darkness because he's not a bad person. He's just a wounded soul who keeps making a lot of mistakes, but can turn himself around when he accepts a chance to atone.

For some characters, it's a gradual change that takes many arcs to solidify. Vegeta didn't officially become a good guy till the Buu Saga. Namek Saga Vegeta was also only an ally by virtue of being less evil than Frieza and having a few moments that show that he's not completely a lost cause (namely saving Gohan and his tearful confession to Goku before his 1st death). 

Cell Saga Vegeta was a selfish arrogant asshole who was only nominally the Z-Warriors ally and had no interest in being a father (just note his treatment of Future Trunks). But Cell Saga Vegeta didn't murder anyone, show moments of vulnerability and self-awareness, had a drive to become stronger and displays very real rage and grief when he sees Trunks die.

Hence why Buu Saga Vegeta was such a great family man and even better as a father than Goku (seriously, Vegeta's a better dad to present Trunks than Goku was to either of his sons or his grand-daughter). However, he also had a mid-life crisis which caused him to relapse and commit a horrible mistake which led to Majin Buu's revival. A mistake which Vegeta attempted to atone for with his own life. Even after death, he risked his very soul to stall for time against Kid Buu even though the latter was tiers in power above Vegeta.

However, Sasuke is not Vegeta despite heavy similarities.

The main difference being that the story never excused Vegeta for his actions and made him atone for them.

Sasuke on the other hand...always got off the hook somehow.

What do I mean?

Thing is...Sasuke technically crossed many lines from the end of Part 1 and on.

He deserted his home village to join a known and dangerous enemy for a selfish pursuit of power (fully aware that said enemy may just kill him) and when his best friend chases after him to bring him home, Sasuke tries to murder Naruto no less than three times.

But the story acts like there's still hope for Sasuke.

Granted, I could call this tone of slim hopeful optimism justified seeing as that Sasuke refused to finish off Naruto after beating him and just went on to Orochimaru. But when we next see Sasuke in Part 2, Sasuke shows no hesitation or conflict in once again attempting to kill Naruto and Sakura even though they were there to save him. Even though, he'd already gotten the power and training that Orochimaru had promised him.

So why exactly did he want to kill Naruto and Sakura again? They annoyed him?

But then Sasuke kills/absorbs Orochimaru and displays a few likable traits like not killing his opponents, releasing several prisoners, and forming a team to fight Akatsuki for his own purposes of finding Itachi. So he's not a bad guy...but not a good guy. When he finds and faces Itachi, it's a fight where you're rooting for Sasuke because of what will happen afterwards. Once Sasuke kills Itachi and takes revenge, he could return to Konoha and rejoin Naruto to atone for his previous desertion and attempted murders.

Then Sasuke learned the truth about the Uchiha Massacre.

From that point, I expected Sasuke to want revenge. However, I was really interested in seeing what Sasuke would do. What path would Kishimoto have Sasuke take for his revenge? Perhaps he'd take over the Sound Village and wage a quiet war against Konoha? Kill Danzo and genjutsu a puppet into using Root to take control of the village? Maybe expose the truth and watch Konoha's people turn against each other?

Nope! He joins Akatsuki and goes on a murder spree.

What really worried me was when Sasuke states that he'll destroy all of Konoha knowing that only three living people are actually responsible for his family's death. Not to mention that he ignores his family's own culpability as their death only happened because they were going to launch a destructive coup on Konoha. As excessive as the Uchiha massacre was, it was the only way to avert war due to the pride and idiocy of the Uchiha leaders.

Sasuke willingly ignores all of this and completely blames Konoha. Using this to justify helping Akatsuki (an organization that wants to takeover the world) capture Killer Bee and provoke an international conflict between Konoha and Kumo.

Then he infiltrates a neutral meeting grounds to find Danzo. Going after Danzo is actually justified, but murdering samurai guards that were just doing their job? Attacking Gaara, A and the other Kage? Spitting on Gaara's attempt to bring him out of the darkness and relate to him?

Then he beats Danzo by needlessly sacrificing a comrade who'd saved his life multiple times even though he could've easily shot Danzo through the face instead. After Danzo commits explosive suicide, Sasuke then attempts to finish off Karin because he decides that his medic is useless.

Even though she'd just saved his life.

Then he tries to kill Sakura twice, goes on a maniacal rant about destroying Konoha and yet again pisses on Naruto's attempts to bring him out of the darkness. He then goes with Tobi to get Itachi's eyes so that he can destroy Konoha without the imminent danger of blindness hanging over his head. this point, Sasuke was pretty much a lost cause. Just everyone in universe agreed to that including Naruto himself who gave Sasuke a MAD ultimatum and put his foot down.

However, Kishimoto didn't want Sasuke to be hopeless or unlikable for his audience. So he came up with a crafted method of using Zombie Itachi to bring Sasuke back from the brink of the Moral Event Horizon and bring up a chance to add character depth and introspection to Sasuke.

And it worked.

Sasuke stopped for a moment and actually questioned whether or not his revenge was worth it. He saw Itachi's memories, heard the account of the Zombie Hokages, learned of the origins of the Ninja villages and of Madara Uchiha. Weighing all of that information, Sasuke decided for himself that revenge was not for him. He decides not to let his brother's sacrifice be in vain and fight to protect Konoha. Remember that all of Konoha's shinobi were at war which means that Sasuke could've easily wiped the village from the map.

Instead, he goes out to fight.

Wow! That was a really great moment of development for Sasuke. He's decided not to destroy Konoha for meaningless revenge. He's not going to be led on by people anymore and he's using his agency to make decisions of his own free will. The right decisions! Decisions that may help him break the cycle which has haunted his clan since the beginning of-

Are you fucking kidding me?

He then makes several comments in the middle of a war that heavily imply that he's going to kill Naruto for...some reason.

Reasons which he expands on after the Kaguya fight when he picks the worst possible time to try and become a revolutionary.

Okay...maybe in a pragmatic sense, it was good timing. But not in a moral sense if we're still suppose to care about Sasuke at all.

Then right after trying to takeover the world, attempt to murder five leaders, kill Naruto and shit on Sakura...we're supposed to take one monologue and briefly worded apology as a sign that Sasuke's completely a good guy now? He's just absolved of everything that he's done without anything to show any true sign of atonement or effort towards redemption?

This is why the timing of the Naruto vs Sasuke fight part 2 ruined the fight for me. Because it was basically a fight where nobody wins taking place while all of the world is slowly being deprived of their life force inside of a lotus eater machine.

Worst of all, the chapters where the fight take place were released around the same time that the post-epilogue movie was announced. Which means that all of the narrative tension is lost since we already know that regardless of who wins, everyone lives and the IT is undone.

The fight would've been so much better if Sasuke had allowed the IT to be undone and then challenged Naruto after both had fully recovered. Then we'd have a good moment of character introspection for Sasuke when he's not being a tyrannical asshole and weighing his past actions and his potential future against each other. Naruto would also have time to tie up several loose ends and Sakura wouldn't degrade as a character.

Then Naruto and Sasuke meet in the Valley of the End, Sasuke says some crap about the peace being temporary and how his revolution will lead to lasting peace. Naruto will argue that Sasuke's vision is not necessary and that people will find a way to work together for peace. But words will fail and they'll fight. The winner will never be known to the audience, but it will be a moral victory as Sasuke decides that he was wrong and to travel to world to find a new answer while Naruto goes back to Konoha and becomes Hokage.

Instead, we got a shoe-horned in fight where the victor and the stakes don't matter because we already know how it will end. Instead of a real act of redemption and atonement, we get a monologue and an apology as Sasuke's transition from evil to good. Instead of an actual moral debate like we had in the Pain vs Naruto fight, we had Sasuke trying to enact a plan that most of the major villains had already tried in some way or another.

Controlling the future through power and manipulation.

Real original...

3.5 Why having Sasuke be easily forgiven is bad for Naruto's legacy and themes

Having Naruto and everyone else so easily forgive Sasuke after all of his crap just boggles me.

In a sense, its worst than having Naruto call Obito "the coolest guy ever". (Not even touching on that bullshit)

However, the best way that I can describe exactly why having Sasuke absolved of all culpability or consequence for all of his crimes, attitudes and actions is to demonstrate a superior anime where a similar situation was handled WAY better.

I'm of course talking about One Piece.

About mid-way through Part 1 of the series, the Strawhat pirates go to Enies Lobby, a famous ship-wright island where they can use the shit ton of money that they've collected from Skypeia for much needed repairs on their ship, the Going Merry.

Unfortunately, the Merry had suffered damage that was beyond repair and Luffy eventually made the heavy and emotional decision to abandon Merry in favor of buying a new ship. A decision which was made for the safety of the crew (half of whom can't swim in an ocean that's almost completely covered in water).

But, the crew sniper Usopp heavily disputes the decision due to an emotional attachment to the Merry and because of his own feelings of self-worthlessness in light of being ambushed and robbed. Usopp refuses to back down and eventually Luffy tells Usopp to leave. Usopp leaves the crew and challenges Luffy to a duel which he loses despite an impressive effort. Lots of other stuff happens; crew archaeologist Robin gets kidnapped; Epic fighting ensues; and everyone cries over a fucking boat.

(sniffles and rubs away unshed tears) What? It was a really emotional scene!

Anyway, the crew is about to get both another ship and it looks like everyone's about to reunite and be a happy family again right? Wrong.

When the crew is about to welcome back Usopp with open arms, first mate Zoro puts his foot down:

In short. Zoro points out that Usopp's actions disrespected their captain and threatened the crew's cohesion. If Usopp can do what he did, leave and come back without consequence, then why should anyone else respect Luffy? If Usopp was to return, he would have to apologize for his actions and affirm to Luffy the proper respect that the role of captain entails. Keep in mind that this is all after Usopp helped the crew rescue Robin in disguise as Sogeking of Sniper Island. (which was likely the only reason why the door wasn't completely closed to Usopp at all)

What happens next is history. Usopp at first attempts a half-assed rehearsed speech to try to downplay his actions, but is ignored by the fleeing crew. It was not until Usopp broke down and wholeheartedly apologized and cried out for forgiveness and to be brought back to the crew does Luffy stretch out his arm a ridiculous length to bring him back into the family. The Strawhats and Usopp had only gotten stronger ever since.

But in Naruto? Both the story and the main protagonists use every excuse in the book to absolve Sasuke.

To Sasuke's credit, even he himself never tried to excuse any of his actions. He knew that he was going into the darkness and that suited him just fine for his purposes. I suppose that's why I can still say that I like Sasuke's character because he has a clear self-awareness of his status in the world and how he's only going deeper and deeper.

It's attitudes of the principal actors of Sakura and Naruto who tick me off the most regarding Sasuke. In addition to the story being so transparent that it's obvious for me to see how Kishimoto doesn't want his audience to condemn Sasuke. So he'll write in asspull after asspull so that Sasuke doesn't appear to have crossed the point of no return.

But you can't eat your cake and have it too.

You can't have your character do all of this crap and act like there is no consequence to that crap. Where's the trial for Sasuke's desertion? Where's the justified public shunning that Konoha ought to give Sasuke for joining Orochimaru? (a man who killed their previous beloved hokage) Where's the looks of disgust for Sakura and Salada when they see how they're family to the most infamous traitor and criminal in Konoha's recent history? Where's the moment when Hokage Kakashi banishes Sasuke from the Land of Fire for attempting to murder Naruto and the five kage?

Where's the moment where someone puts their foot down and demands for Sasuke to show that he's a changed man rather than just taking him at his word?

Is this really a good lesson for the young people reading the story? That's it's okay to tolerate poisonous "friends" because not "forgiving them" makes you a weaker person? I think Kishimoto heavily misunderstands the difference between forgiving and absolving someone. He also misunderstands the redemption and atonement require more than just words. They also require a change in action and attitude. Anime like DBZ and One Piece understand this difference.

Unlike Naruto where even Obito is absolved of all of the horrors that he's unleashed on the world. Even Madara gets absolved since he was just Black Zetsu's bitch.

In Conclusion

The ending itself is okay.

Not great, but not terrible and most loose ends are tied up with some doors open for spin-offs and sequels so that Kishimoto can still make money. I'm actually interested in seeing what happens with the Next Generation.

But how we got to the ending and all of the details are the splinters under the skin.

I basically have to headcanon every chapter from 599 to 699 so that I don't find myself losing any love and admiration that I have for the series. In said-headcannon, there's no pointless NaruSaku red herring; Tobi remains anonymous and dies; Madara remains the main villain and isn't upstaged; Sakura doesn't degrade as a character; NaruHina gets the justice it deserves; Tenten gets an epic showing that makes up for Kishimoto's previous neglect; No Reincarnation bs; No Black Zetsu retcon; Sasuke doesn't get worst; and he is not disgustingly absolved of his actions.

As I've said earlier, since Kishimoto can't keep track of his own rules, then why should the audience have to adhere to them? How is our headcanon less valid than Kishimoto's canon when said canon has numerous inconsistencies and plot holes that cause the entire story to collapse in on itself?

But despite all of the hurdles and bullshit, I'm still sad to see Naruto end. But all good things must come to an end.

What's more, future writers from the East and West will look at Naruto's virtues and vices and use them to create great stories, anime and manga which will feature what made Naruto good while also avoiding the dead weight that dragged it down.

How to portray characters that don't neatly fall into categories of good and evil and yet are still likable enough for you to care about what happens to them.

How to write strong female heroines whose character arcs aren't completely reliant on their male counterparts and who actually grow as people.

Twists and turns that aren't pulled out the writers ass and cause the whole story to collapse in on itself.

How to convey profound themes and not have the story contradict those themes or outright invalidate them.

How to have a character fall from grace and yet be able to acknowledge their fall and exert mental and physical effort to climb back to the light as a stronger, wiser person.

But that's the future. And it's always one step ahead of us.

Believe It.

The last villager cried out as he was stabbed through his stomach and split in half.

The Kurgan laughed in the midst of a destroyed and massacred village. It's defenders lied slain, it's villagers all cut down to the last child, and it's buildings were burning because the Kurgan felt like burning something. He'd be having his way with a village girl if he hadn't already killed them all.

Oh well. There's always the next village.

Suddenly, the air chilled and the Kurgan heard a shrill scream fill the air. He looked up to the sky and saw a large winged creature fly overhead. It looked like a mix between a dragon and a wingless bird that stank and cried out through the air.

But the Kurgan was more interested in what was riding the Fell Beast.

Answering his master's command, the Witch-King of Angmar looked down at a barbarian who'd finished slaughtered an entire village. The king of angmar saw that he had been spotted and that instead of despairing, the Kurgan smiled as if demanding that the Witch-King come down to face him.

The Witch-King obliged.

Like the Last King of Gondor long ago, this fool had no idea as to what he was facing.

The Witch-King laughed within it's heart and teleported from his winged steed down to the ground. The Wraith-Lord stood up from it's knees so that he towered over the mindless murderer and drew out his weapons, a great sword in one hand and a great mace in the other.

"Another head to the chopper!" The Kurgan called out with his bloodied broadsword already drawn. The so-called Immortal licked his blade and pointed it towards the Witch-King. "Come to die? I salute you!"

"Do you not know death when you see it?" The Witch-King called out and enflamed his weapons with dark fire and cold despair.

"Death? I know death...I shall send you to it!" The Kurgan declared and filled his sword with the Power of the Quickening.


The Kurgan did not wait for his foe and charged at him with full force, screaming like a mad dog as he slashed at the Witch-King's unseen face. The Witch-King blocked the blade with his swords and focused on the metal of the Witch-King's weapon to break it. But to the Nazgul's surprise, his magic was unable to break through the energy upon the sword and he found that the Kurgan was overpowering him in strength.

Knowing that physical strength would not avail here, the Witch-King disappeared from the Kurgan's sight and appeared behind him to slash him through his back. The Kurgan shouted in pain and delight and swung behind him. The Witch-King avoided the slash and watched the ground about him break and tear apart from the Immortal's powerful strike. The Witch King saw an opening and swung his mighty mace into the Kurgan's chest. Blood splashed from the Immortal's mouth when the Witch-King's enhanced blow connected and sent the Kurgan flying backwards.

The Kurgan quickly recovered and stood upon his feet, laughing and demanding that his silent foe come to meet him and drew forth his second sword to make this battle more fair. But the Witch-King pointed in the Kurgan's direction and shattered the second replica sword in the Kurgan's hand before he could charge it. The Kurgan laughed in surprise and charged at the Witch-King. The Witch-King sent forth a wave of ice and fire from either weapons that impacted on the front of the Immortal to halt his charge.

But the Kurgan ran through it uncaring of the frost and fire upon his body and slashed at the Witch-King. The Ringwraith avoided the slash and cut the Kurgan again, but the Kurgan grabbed the Witch-King's sword and brought his sword down upon the Witch-King's shoulder. The Witch-King called out in pain and teleported out of the Kurgan's grasp, dropping his nazgul sword in the process. The Kurgan looked around for any sign of his foe and found none save for the sword at his feet. Smiling, the Kurgan took the blade in his free hand and started searching through the burning village for the wraith.

Unseen and unheard, the Witch-King cursed this warrior and drew forth another pair of weapons from it's arsenal. One was a short Morgul Blade and the other was a chained flail which slowly dragged upon the ground without making a sound. When he was close enough, the Witch-King swung his mighty flail and caught the Kurgan upon his skull. The Immortal moved forward in a partial daze and turned around in time to see his foe swing the flail into his neck. The blow caught and caused the Kurgan to gasp in surprise whilst the Witch-King quietly glowered in triumph and waited for his foe to despair to the aura of darkness that now flowed from the Ringwraith.

Instead, the Immortal laughed despite the blood that flowed from his mouth and retaliated wielding his own sword and that of the Nazgul's. He avoided another swing of the Witch-King's flail and used the Witch-King's own blade to sever the chain that connected the heavy bludgeon and deprive his foe of his flail. He slashed again and saw the Witch-King teleport away from him. The Kurgan growled and cried out when a fell pain struck the side of his stomach and saw that the Witch-King was behind him. Stabbing him with a shorter blade covered in dark magic.

"Fool." The Witch-King glowered as the pain spread through the Kurgan's body. "No man can kill me. Yield." The Witch-King broke the blade and watched the Kurgan stumble backwards feeling pain that he had never before felt in his entire life as an immortal.

"Yield. To Mordor I will take you." The Kurgan found his sword again as the Witch-King continued to move forward intent on seeing exactly how his foe would react. Waiting for this dark poison in the Kurgan's blood to kill him from the inside or whatever his dark sorcery intended.

He didn't know.

"Better to burn out." The Kurgan laughed and stood upon his feet. "Then to fade away." Both hands gripping his weapon, he attacked the Witch-King who now had his own longsword returned to him and the two combatants matched blow for blow. The Kurgan's blade was filled with the power of the quickening and it sparked against the enflamed sword of the mighty Lord of the Nazgul. As before, the Kurgan held the physical advantage and now understood this being's tricks and powers. When the Witch-King teleported away, the Kurgan swung in a half-circle and caught the Nazgul's thrust to parry it aside and slashed at it's shoulder.

The Witch-King cried out in pain and released a blood-boiling scream in the face of his opponent. The Kurgan ignored the call which sent the bravest of Gondor fleeing in terror and continued his attack without fear, enjoying this battle far more than any being that the Witch-King had ever encountered. The Kurgan caught the Witch-King in another embrace of blades and kneed the wrath in his non-existent crotch. Though it did not have the usual effect, the Kurgan still caught the wraith once more and delivered a heavy blow to the being's helm. The wraith growled and teleported behind the Kurgan to stab him with a swift strike.

The Kurgan paused when he felt the greatsword enter his gut and laughed again. The sorcerer still didn't understand who he was dealing with. If that cut had been aimed for his head, the Kurgan would have been impressed, but now, he was getting bored. He put one hand on the blade to keep the Witch-King from pulling out and used the leverage to bring his own sword down upon the Witch King's arm to cleave it from it's socket.

Instead of blood, a strange light shined out of the armor and cloak and the Witch-king screamed out at the loss of it's arm. The Witch-King tried to teleport away, but the Kurgan's sword was still lodged in it's body with a strange power that was spreading through it's body and harming it. It was like the elven magic of the High Elves, but far greater and if a thousand or more souls were powering it and sharpening it. The Witch King refused to acknowledge that this human was stronger than itself...that could not be possible...No! The Witch-King would show this mortal!

The Kurgan laughed when it retracted its sword from within the Witch-King and prepared to strike the finishing blow. The Witch-King then sent a jolt of ice and fire through his own sword and blasted the Kurgan back across the destroyed village. It then appeared above the stunned Kurgan and raised its sword and then stabbed downward. Stab after stab pierced the mortal's chest and abdomen, whatever magic kept this fool alive, the Witch-King would find it and cut it out! The Kurgan gasped and roared with each blow to his body with the pain paralyzing him too much to be able to counter the Witch-King's savage assault.

With one more stab, the Witch-King watched as the Kurgan stopped breathing and fell still. Knowing this creature's endurance, the Witch-King stabbed him in his heart again for good measure. The Witch-King kept the sword there and stalked away from the still body. The Immortal was a powerful foe, but as all men, it was no match for the Lord of the Nazgul. Still, the Witch-King was puzzled by the warrior's healing and magical ability or how he was able to hurt the Nazgul.

Not hurt the Ringwraith...wound him.

However, the fool was now dead. Then again...the Witch-King figured that it was best to remove his foe's head in the event that there was more magical tricks up his sleeve. The Nazgul turned back to his downed foe and saw a blade swing for his face...

"Here is Death!" The Kurgan cried out in joy and triumph, watching his sword break through the helm of the Nazgul and stop within it's unseen face. A strange power coursed through his blade and forced his sword out of it's head. A sudden shockwave of power burst from the Witch-King of Angmar as it cried out amidst it's death. As it died, what remained of it's face began to crush and contort upon itself with the Nazgul's form shrinking ever less and less until nothing remained.


The Kurgan poked his sword in the disembodied robes and pondered where his fallen foe's body had gone. Was it ever there at all? Did he just kill a ghost?

However...the Kurgan did find something that shined.

"A ring." The Kurgan looked upon the jeweled Ring of Power and put it in his pocket. "Should be worth a few whores and more swords. Speaking of weapons..."

As he'd killed his opponent, all of his weapons now belonged to him. Including the bird-dragon that flew down and knelt before him.

This would be fun...

This was an extremely hard fight to judge. Both combatants have centuries upon centuries of experience in warfare and combat. Both are only vulnerable to certain types of fatal injuries with specific weaponry. 

That said, the Witch-King's more varied weapon arsenal and magical abilities gave him an edge that the Kurgan could not immediately counter and allowed him to control more of the fight.

The Witch-King is also a quicker opponent than the Kurgan and relies on multiple types of combat rather than just one style. His invulnerability to non-magical weapons and the ability to outright shatter those weapons on a whim also meant that he was capable of quickly depriving most foes of their weaponry.

But since the Kurgan uses the energy of his own immortality to charge his blades, the Witch-King could not count on his typical weapon invulnerability. The Kurgan is inherently a stronger fighter. His strength enabled him to destroy a wall of stone bricks that were each as large as a human with just a single swing of his sword.

Scratch that...he completely destroyed the stone tower that those walls were holding up.

He is also immune to most forms of poison and doesn't need air to live, which means that he can safely negate the Witch-King's Black Breath. He's also cunning and adept enough to equal the Witch-King's stealth.

But what tips the battle in the Kurgan's favor are three indisputable facts.

One) The Witch-King and his brethren have less power over braver opponents who are not cowed in fear. As The Kurgan has no fear of death or pain, the Witch-King's attempts at psychological warfare fell on deaf ears as did the Witch-King's aura of Fear.

Second) For all of his brutal tenacity and berserker fighting prowess, the Kurgan is a far more consistent and accomplished fighter than the Witch-King. Most of the Witch-King's victories occurred when he had the support of his master or a giant army of men and orcs at his beak and call. The Kurgan, killed each and every immortal on his hit list with his own power.

The Kurgan is also less likely to underestimate his opponent and will be too busy enjoying the fight to act in self-destructive arrogance. Also, he's ruthless and dishonorable enough to steal away one of the Witch-King's own weapons and has more than enough strength to wield them with one or both hands.

The Witch-King on the other a dismal fighter when you sit down and think about it. When confronted by Aragorn duel-wielding a sword and a torch while supported by four other nazgul, the Witch-King was driven away.

He earlier surprised Radagast the Brown who was only armed with a staff...and lost.

He and the other eight Nazgul all fought against Elrond and Saruman...and lost. 

Thirdly) What the Witch-King failed to understand is that the Kurgan cannot die unless decapitated. But the Witch-King's own arrogance and unfamiliarity with the Kurgan meant that he would not think to remove the Kurgan's head. Even if he did, the Kurgan has centuries worth of experience with keeping his head on his own shoulders from equally experienced swordsmen and warriors.

Now I can hear what some are going to say: The Witch-King can't be killed by living men!

Putting aside that this is a prophecy and not necessarily an immunity, Highlander Immortals achieve their immortality by...dying.

Thus, they exist in an indefinite state between being alive and being dead. Even then, the Kurgan's Quickening Energy allows him to kill and absorb the powers of other immortals, so there's nothing that states that the same can't be done to the Witch-King.

The Witch-King of Angmar just got burned out.

Opponent Breakdown:

The Witch-King
+ Possesses more weapons
+ Multiple Forms of Magic
+ Overall greater range
+ More Intelligent
+ Unharmed by normal non-enchanted weapons
+ Much Faster and stealthier
- Arrogance=Underestimating opponent
- Less Accomplished  and experienced warrior
- Weaker against the fearless
- Vulnerable to magical attacks
- Lost more fights than he wins even with support

The Kurgan
+ Physically More Powerful
+ Much Tougher
+ Ruthless and Cunning
+ Quickening energy enhances weapons
+ Unkillable unless Decapitated
+ More experienced and "bloodied" fighter
-/+ Straightforward, but experienced enough to not be predictable
-/+ More limited arsenal, but better trained to use it
- Reckless even at risk of defeat
- Not immune to pain
- No ranged weapons


The Winner is The Kurgan

Next Time on Death Battle...


Death Battle: The Kurgan vs The Witch-King
On account of several schedule issues, busy work and other headaches, this took much longer than I'd hoped to put out.

But I do hope that you guys enjoyed the fight...even if part of your childhood was murdered.

Prelude: Death Battle: The Kurgen vs The Witch-King Prelude

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Death Battle Listing

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 6, 2015, 12:49 AM

Just putting this out here for future Reference on Death Battle Plans after the Kurgan vs Witch-King is complete. (FYI, the actual fight is coming soon)

I know what fight is immediately following Kurgan vs Witch-King (you'll find out then), but I've got no idea about what to tackle next after that fight or what the general order should be. Here are several ideas and I've already done some research on a few of them:

Extremis Iron Man (Marvel) vs Gravity Suit Samus (Metroid)

Tenten (Naruto) vs Edgemaster (Soul Calibur)

Robocop (Original) vs Motoko (Ghost in the Shell)

Asuka (Evangelion) vs Kallen (Code Geass)

Qubeley (Gundam Z/ZZ) vs Epyon (Gundam Wing)

Devil Dinosaur (Marvel) vs Sharptooth (Land Before Time) (Poster made by Tito-Mosquito:

Nami (One Piece) vs Sakura (Naruto)

Wing Zero vs Burning God

Lea (Kingdom Hearts) vs Sabo (One Piece)

Roxas (Kingdom Hearts) vs Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia)

Which of these fights do you think should go next? Vote in the comments selection below and let me know.

And lastly here's the one that I know is going last:

Go nuts.

Death Battle Templates by Death-Driver-5000: death-driver-5000.deviantart.c…

Edit: Lovemachine vs Smith was already taken by tohokari-steel:


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